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Confessions of a toddler #1


No matter how many rhymes or songs you play for me…

…the best music to dance on is Dad’s mobile ringtone! 😉

~ Confessions of an innocent toddler 🙂

64 thoughts on “Confessions of a toddler #1

  1. That’s so sweet… I remember when my father used to come at Saturday and Sunday only at home because he used to stay near the working area on days…
    But whenever he came back, we get so happy…

          1. Yeah I experienced that too…
            like my father, there is a teacher of mine who dosn’t teach us now, but lower classes.
            You know I was told by old students that she is too strict and this year will be my worst nightmare because she’s our class teacher.
            But you know what, though she was strict, but she really helped us in every stage. She was really kind and soft at heart.
            Maybe we tend to throw judgements for others without even knowing them properly… 🙂

          2. Teachers or parents are strict mostly to instil discipline. Once they are convinced you are doing well and on the right track, they relax and let you be. What more, they even get involved in having fun with you. ????
            We had a similar teacher in Engineering too. Everyone was scared of her, but she was very sporting and fun. Yes, we go by others’ opinions before even forming ours. We really shouldn’t.

          1. Hmm, right. Somehow no matter how modernly we are brought up, marriage changes the setup and shakes it badly. I wasn’t much of a conformist and the fact that we live away from my in-laws really helped.

          2. Well then we’re two peas in a pod… Except that I’m still in a joint family. There’s no veil and all as such but the superstitions and unnecessary interference gets suffocating. Too much info?

          3. No, I understand. I went through all of it when I visited them, but of late the situation has calmed down a bit. Interference…in eating…in parenting…in wearing what I want to…is all still there…but I ignore beyond a point. The days there are numbered…so better to keep low.

          4. How else would those godforsaken saas-bahu serials come into being? They should be banned for fanning potential terrorist activities in households! ????????

          5. I literally got a headache one after I HAD to see one of them. Someone who had done plastic surgery and looked like someone’s husband has actually fallen in love with the wife…err….I think so… ????????

          6. hahahaha…omg that was deadly…the most ironic one i rem is that saga kahani ghar ghar ki and saas bhi bahu. in the former, there was a scene when the wife finds out about the hubby cheating on her and in the background it plays – rishto ki ye reet purani hai, sadiyo se ab yahi kahani hai…and i have had trust issues ever since!!! lol

          7. ???????????????? I remember we had this scene in our home when I retired to my bedroom at 10 to avoid those two serials. My MIL cried and called up A and said that I disrespected her. ????????
            The next day I sat through for her sake and woke up with a splitting headache the next day. ????????????????

          8. Omg really???!! Watching a serial together is a sign of respect? Kuch bhi! Even when I had gotten married, it was a rule not to go off to bed till she declared that it was OK. Which would sometimes mean later than 11.30.

          9. Haha… Varsha me boats bhi banayi h, mor ko nachte hu bhi dekha h (tv me) ???????????????? Umbrella lekar bhi ghume h Varsha me… ????????????
            Oh god, please don’t kill me after this…

          10. Bol lo yaar…I have such a name. I’m used to all this since I was a kid. Aur ab bacche bhi wohi bol rahe hain. Kuvh cheezen kabhi nahi badalti. ????????????

          11. Again a lesson from you, not get bothered by anyone…
            Btw, ye sabke saath hota h..I was used to get called by (Farsh) you know like, Harsh jldi Jake Farsh saaf kro… ????????????????????

          12. Hahahaha…hamare class mein ek Harsha thi. I didnt know het. She was new. One day teacher asked her to stand up. I stood up instead and said…Miss you said it wrong. My name is Varsha. ????????????????
            Mast gussa hui thi teacher mujhpe. ????????????

          13. ???????????????????? Even now MERI class me teen teen Harsh h… ek satija, ek Gautam, ek Jain… haha to hmare surname se hi bulaye h hame sab… real name to bhul hi gye… ????????????

          14. ???????????????????? aur teachers ki to aadat hoti hai bas surnames use karna. Bahot kam teachers naam se jaante hain. ????????
            Tum kaunse wale ho btw?

          15. Hey bhagwan! There are lots of castes and sub-castes. Some Jains are Gujjus…some are Marwaris. There are others too. Which language you speak at home?
            Ask your parents if you like, they will tell you better.

          16. What are gujjus? (I feel like alien in an human world) ????????????
            Hindi, and I am from Delhi, my parents from UP…
            And you know, Jain have two branches (swetambar and digambar) I belong to second one… ????????
            There’s so much I need to find out about my existence…

          17. Gujjus are Gujratis. Sorry dear but I have no idea about North wale Jains. You should find out more. You will find it interesting.

        1. Haha…we can. I try to match her step to step.. then I realise I’m many years older and several kgs over to be like her. ????
          So I sit at one place, clap happily and cheer her on. She’s satisfied with that for now. ????

  2. The music my toddler loves most is when his daddy plays the ukulele and sings. “Sing louder, Daddy!”
    He jumps on the bed and dances, it’s truly the sweetest thing

    1. Oh…that’s so sweet! I believe we all an inherent draw for music in some way..whether it is playing a musical instrument or singing. I’m sure Daddy must be more than happy to comply. ????
      Thanks for stopping by.

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