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  1. Totally!

    1. ????????????

  2. kya baat hai….. very true….

    1. Sahi baat hai na… ????

      1. ha jee….. bilkul sahi….. how can you be wrong…..

        1. Ohhoo ????????

          1. ????????????

          2. ???? – Exercise ? ????????????

          3. Yes….yoga! ????????????

          4. That was more of a push-up than yoga. ????????????

          5. No ways. It was a mix…power yoga you see ????

          6. Power – voltage*current. ????????????????????
            So yoga was mixing both.????????????

          7. ???????????????????? Everything….your voltage sends a current down the ones who watch! ????????????

          8. It’s the other way. ???? When there is no electricity,we say no current. That is wrong. Current and voltage is present, but there is no power – my physics teacher told this. Ever since then I am telling everyone????????????

          9. ???????????????????? Poor teacher probably has no clue from where the hiccups are originating! ????????????

          10. Physics teacher doesn’t teach biology.????????????

          11. They don’t need to teach biology to know that. ????????????????????

          12. Btw, the post is about what others understand and here we are discussing useless topic. ????????????????????

          13. When do we not discuss useless topics? ????????????????????

          14. Sometimes.. like the love discussion we had yest. I was even thinking of coming up with a post… It remained just a thought????????????????

          15. Write it…it will be fun. Then another round of comments there as an inspiration for my next post. ????????????

          16. ???????????????? let’s see. I have two posts for this week. Next week I ll write. ???? Another three weeks it’s color series for photo challenge, and I am having fun.???????????? Hey. Why don’t you participate too?????

          17. I hardly step out of the house yaar. No way can I take such awesome pics like you. ???? I love your colour posts. I want to participate…let’s see. I have a few awards pending. Am thinking of finishing them up soon.

          18. I am done with awards. Once you do one, you ll get lots of it. So I decided for the time being that I won’t be doing any. Even I don’t go out much, except when there is a flower show or something nice. ???????? Everybody here knows I go only to click photos.????????????

          19. ???????????????? That’s true, but a little bit of pampering and flaunting is ok once in a while. ????????
            Go take pics…take more for us…we love them!! ????????????????

          20. Who is we?????????????????????

          21. Your blog readers dear…who else? ????????

          22. ???????????????????? are you a member of bloggers union? ???????? Bloggers union does strikes and all when there is no internet.????????????

          23. ???????????????? No I go on personal strikes when I don’t want to write. Thankfully Blogger union didn’t do any dharna on my blog yet!????????????????

          24. ????????????????????????????????????

          25. Thanks for the compliment varsha 🙂

          26. You are most welcome! ????????

  3. so true…

  4. People understand only what they want to, not what we say. Most of them don’t listen. They just keep thinking what to reply next! Suppose you are talking something about Gobi desert, they hear the word Gobi and start talking about recipes! ????????????????

    1. ???????????????? Such a waste of energy na! ????????????????

      1. It’s happened a lot of times, believe me! People need to improve their listening skills. Most of the misunderstandings happen because people listen to half of the conversation.

        1. Thinking before speaking and letting the other person finish before reacting are virtues not everyone is blessed with. How I end up with the ones who lack it! Sigh! ????????

          1. Same here. And to add to it, I am very short tempered. I lose my patience when people start acting like they can read my mind and answer before I even end my sentence. ????????????????Most of the times I let the other person do the talking. Or if I have to talk, I tell them facts about universe or jokes. Something that needs no understanding.???? Not all jokes, sometimes I crack a joke and all I get is stares until I actually explain the ‘joke’????????????????????????

          2. I simply leave…same here….I have no patience for such people and try not crossing their road again. ????????????
            Explaining jokes is fun….it is a vieled insult. ‘You jerk…see this is what it meant!’ ????????????????

          3. They think my jokes are bad so they don’t understand. Let them think so.. a fool always thinks that all others are fools.????????

          4. Haha…not everyone has a sensible sense of humour. ???????? Their loss. ????????

  5. I wish too..

    I wish I cud put a disclaimer on my whole life. . It seems aghhhhhh

    1. Ha ha…lets make a board, hang it around our necks and carry it around then ????

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