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This one's for you, my baby :-)

Considering the fact that I’ve written post after post about every small thing A Jr did as a child, it surprises me as to how and why I’m at such a loss of words when it comes to Angel. Whenever I try to jot down anything, I feel like I haven’t done any justice to her and eventually it all gets dumped in the bin.

What should I write about anyway?

Her mischievous eyes that gleam merrily after she has broken/thrown/hidden/taken something, and which can make us want to spank and adore her both at once?

Her absolutely disarming smile which can make a blind man beg for the gift of sight, just to get one good look at her?

Her making a puppy face and/or shrieking vigorously (depending on how long we take to comply) when she wants something?

Her tantrums, ranging from throwing anything within an arm’s reach to standing quietly and looking down wretchedly while waiting for us to pick her up, when we refuse her anything?

The list never ends, and am I glad it doesn’t! Life would be boring without these everyday sprinkles, isn’t it? Just like anything sweet has to be balanced with spice, a sweet boy like A Jr needs the company of a naughty girl like Angel to make us all-rounder parents! 😉

Here’s a small anecdote I want Angel to read and laugh about when she’s all grown up and wants something to cheer her up. 😀

Just like A Jr, Angel too has a habit of sitting with me or A for the daily puja at home. It is one of the best times of the day for us, since the younger one makes the elder one drop anything he’s doing, with lightning emergency, and join us for the puja. She cannot utter any shlokas yet, but gives us company with her aaaaas and hhmmms throughout! 🙂

Also, wherever there’s an idol, Jai Jai as she calls it, she has to bow down to it and pray. Interestingly, the Ganpati songs in the last few days and Visarjan telecasts on television didn’t allow my poor baby to stand straight most of the time. Funny as it may sound; I had to switch it off because this girl wouldn’t give up even after she kept falling down. 🙁

Today, she saw Ganesha’s photo in A Jr’s book and bowed down as always. What more, she made A Jr do the same! The poor boy protested, but reluctantly agreed. This bowing down, by the way, means bending down and touching your forehead on the floor every time. What is it, commitment, patience, persistence, discipline or her faith that influences her, I sometimes wonder!

I have a mother’s heart, but it is A who is the tender one amongst both of us. The way he looks at Angel and talks to her lovingly is so unbelievably innocent and affectionate that I feel like swapping places with her sometimes. 😛

Three smitten people who love you to death; Angel, you’re one lucky girl! 🙂 🙂

God bless you, my sweetheart!

52 thoughts on “This one's for you, my baby :-)

    1. Time flies! Now when I read the posts on A Jr it seems like it was so long ago, and he’s just 8! They must grow a little slowly and give us time to enjoy them more….sigh! ☺

    1. It does seem like a relief to have a time when they won’t be dependant upon me so much, but as of now their antics are just too cute to grow out of! ????

    1. Haha…She sure will. Like my son pesters me to show my posts about him and laughs after reading them. ‘Mamma…did I really do this?!’ He asks. ????????

      1. Haha…
        Even when my Mom tells me that I had an awkward habit of entering into unknown neighbour’s houses, I can’t believe it.
        one day, I went to my neighbour’s home and after eating the dinner there, I slept there only and my mom was worried and then I got a present… (a beautiful present)

        1. Haha….my son was relatively shy and never went anywhere unless accompanied, but this girl is on the same lines as you I think. She doesn’t need any of us and can take off anywhere, anytime. Childhood innocence is so cute!! ????????
          I can imagine your Mom’s condition, but she too will probably laugh it off now. ????

          1. One day, a ballon seller came in our street, i must be around 5 or something. there was also a boy of my age in front of our house, and then we both purchased a balloon.
            after puncturing my ballon, I went on my mission. he was playing and teasing me! I went there and snatched it from his hands and in between the struggle, we punctured it or maybe i puntured it! haha
            i was truly devil…

          2. Hahaha…naughty you were…are you still…I’m assuming your pranks have grown out of balloon puncturing though. ????
            Are all boys the same? My son did something similar. We went to The Gateway of India and we bought a balloon for him and his cousin each. A Jr punctured his and was after his cousin the whole time. He refused to give it and in their tussle it burst! Both of them cried so loudly after that…God knows it was for fear of scolding or they were scared! ????

          3. Hahaha….
            Yeah, I’m still kind of naughty because it makes me feel that there is fun hidden in everything… pranks and putting that cute green alien on my friend’s seat so that he can sit on that cactus…. haha
            Yeah maybe, we boys can’t handle the condition when our balloon is no more and someone else is playing with theirs …. rather than both playing with the same ballon, we chose to puncture each other’s… haha
            It’s really nice talking with you… It looks like Rekha Di have many awesome blogger friends…

          4. Hahaha…that cute green alien prank is awesome, really. ????????????
            We all have this fun prankster side to us, its just that as we grow up we stop realising how much fun they can be! Please be like this always Harsh. ????
            Boys are boys, and they are capable of anything! I dunno what my boy will come up with most of the time. ????
            Rekha does have awesome blogger friends…look at both of us now! Till yesterday I didn’t know you and today we are talking. You are such a joy to talk to! ????????

          5. Haha…
            I will be like this always… 🙂
            A Jr. must be awesome, may god bless him…
            Thank you so much!
            I already told you that you are awesome blogger and amazing person to talk with…
            May god bless you too Varsha Di…

          6. My my…look at this. Now you’re feeling like the elder one in front of A Jr. ???? He is my little baby..God knows how I will accept his growing up!
            God bless you too Harsh. Be like this always. ????

          7. ???????????? Haha…thanks Harsh. That must be because we sincerely believe in not preaching and never ever practising it either ????????????????

          8. Haha… ????????????
            I read your conversation on the cute green alien who has came from Mars to steal the recipe of green chutney to make their planet Hara Bhara… Haha ????????
            I just couldn’t stop laughing then…

          9. ???????????????????????? You see, in my normal life I don’t get to talk about such stuff without being threatened to be sent to an asylum. Those boring uniforms will make me look fat and ugly! ????????
            So….Rekha’s blog it is. ????????

    1. How right you are! Seeing them take those baby steps and finally grow into fine human beings must probably be the most satisfying life journeys of all! ????????

          1. Still, I feel I did not give much time to my child when he was a baby 1- 3 yrs. I depended too much on the Governesses. I hardly can remember playful moments, unless I look at the photo albums.

          2. Well, I left my job after my son was born, so I pretty much single-handedly looked after him. I guess some things just happen the way they do..

  1. what a beautiful description…totally heartwarming..makes me wish if all of us were innocent kids only, doing things on impulse without the fear of judging or being judged..
    The part i loved most is that she keeps watching even when falling…what can be more touching and cuter ????
    And the fact that her brother pampers her enough to do what she says is points to beautiful chemistry between the two..
    Loads of love to the kids. May they always be blessed ????

    1. Well, we can’t go back to being kids but we sure can see and enjoy life with a whole new perspective through them. ????
      I think I can now understand why people say that daughters are always special. Let them do anything, we simply can’t refuse them. A is the biggest scapegoat here. The doting and henpecked father, if you will. ????
      The age gap between them helps I think. That’s why big bro gets irritated but pampers her anyway. Thank you so much Parijat. I hope they stay like this always. ????????

        1. Yes, you’re right. I’ve seen A transfrom from being the ‘I don’t understand girls’ person to ‘How can I stay away from my girl’ very quickly. He spoils her like anything.

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