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Have you seen Atariya?

It happened when I was travelling to Worli once. This wasn’t the first time I was on my own but being the protective husband that he is, A made me go over and over again about what mode of travel I will take to reach the destination.

It was a long journey, undoubtedly, and the last leg comprised of taking a taxi somewhere from Dockyard Road. I had to wait almost fifteen minutes in the sun before an aged-looking taxi driver showed some pity on me and agreed to ply.

From habit, I striked a conversation with the driver in no time. I’ve noticed that chatting up with auto/taxi drivers not only makes the journey pleasurable (unless ofcourse you have something important to do on the ride) but gives you a sense of security since the driver’s busy talking to you.

These people travel a lot and know a lot. If you genuinely ask for directions, chances are they’ll feel important and may go overboard with information. They’ll talk about anything and everything and act like some sort of Mumbai tour guide for you. It is fun to keep your phone aside for some time and chat with real people. 

Anyway, coming back to the driver I was talking about. After giving me updates about every area we crossed (which I could easily read on my own! 😆), he announced we were close to Worli and Atariya will show up soon.

Suddenly some (in)famous Hindi movie songs with the word Atariya started playing in my mind and I wondered if he was being cheesy with me. Strange, since till then he had called me Beta and expressed his happiness openly when I told him about A Jr and Angel.

Well, we did reach Atariya and when we did, I did everything in my might to not laugh out loud on his face! It was Atria Mall. 😂 His face still had the same innocent expression and he said ‘ispe bahot kharcha kiya hai’. He was right, so what if his dialect was different. โ˜บ

When we reached our destination and I was getting down I truly thanked him for a wonderful ride and a refreshing talk. I wasn’t able to find change for two rupees which he said he’ll waive off, but I insisted and paid him. Good man. Good experience. โ˜บ

22 thoughts on “Have you seen Atariya?

  1. hahaha Varsha i talk to auto drivers most time and its very good experience ????

    But just imagine immediately after saying araria, had he played that araria pe loan kabootar song and had winked in rear mirror…????????

    1. Hahaha….oh God I was half-expecting that! ????????????
      He was talking and talking and said Atariya twice. I was going to ask him what’s that but decided to keep quiet. ????
      I talk to most of them too. Some of them have one or more flats across Mumbai worth lakhs of rupees and send their kids to good colleges. Still they drive their autos/taxis since it is good business.

    2. Btw, had he winked, I would make sure I blacken that eye with a perfect punch. I don’t take nonsense from anyone. Although most of the time guys are fattoo and are scared by mere confrontation.

          1. You know we, esp girls, should always be aware of the surroundings…there are always some subtle hints and sixth sense also helps a lot…Most people unfortunately are busy on mobile while travelling in auto/taxi etc

          2. To be honest I’m not very good that getting these hints. A is amazingly receptive. When we go out he knows who looked at me and points it out while I’m clueless. But yes, when I’m alone I try to be more watchful.

          3. Its just about being little alert and trying to remain in the present…needs little practice but its worth it and we should also teach children this thing…I try not to use mobile in public transport but look around…trying to seel peoples’ faces…even imaging what they might be thinking ๐Ÿ™‚ there are variety of emotions you could see happy, sad, disinterested, angry, anxious, carefree, brooding….endless ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. Thats true. You’ll also find the younger generation is more averse to talking. They’ll put on their headphones or be glued to their mobile screens. Older people are quite happy to talk, even it is anything not related.
            Public places are where we can see all sorts of stories unfolding, live. Its worth our attention.

          5. With so many news about people getting duped or cheated floating around, a little wariness is understandable. Also, not everyone is having a good day possibly. Better to leave them alone if they want.

          6. I am happy that i come with a colleague who drives so i get so see all activities on road even reading shop’s name, dogs and cows having meetings, birds/crows talking while having breakfast :), …thats why i dislike driving as you just have to concentrate on driving then ๐Ÿ™‚

          7. Same here. I enjoy sitting in the backseat and see the world go by and listen to my favourite songs. That’s the best part about travelling.

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