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What does your dp say about you?

If you follow my blog regularly you might’ve noticed that my last few posts have been a little gloomy. I haven’t been myself of late. The tone of my blog has suddenly become morose and I’m not striking the right chord with my readers either. Well, we’re all human right? We have our good and bad days. Thanks for bearing with me. I really appreciate you sticking around.

One thing that I did notice during this phase, however, was how in-the-moment we’ve become. With technology on our side we can let the world know the state of our mind, without saying much. How? Display pictures, status messages and updates on social media ofcourse!

It so happened that I put up some weird ‘I’m Bored’ dp on my Whatsapp last week and also removed the status message. Now, I keep changing my dp often and usually put up personal pictures. There’s some quote or otherwise if I don’t feel good. The status message is a bit tricky; meaning that it stays or goes anytime.

Now, I was rather amused when my cousin mom-in-law saw it and messaged, not only to enquire what happened but also to insist me to change it! She said it unsettled her and she’d feel blessed if I did the needful! That was certainly unexpected and like a good daughter-in-law, I followed her advice.

I have to accept, her words perked me up and I smiled for the first time that day. I wasn’t venting out in any way, but knowing that someone understood and cared felt good.

What do you think your dp says about you? Do you change it often or use it to grab attention?

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  1. I usually keep funny pictures or something unrelated… It makes people wonder what am I upto. 😉

    1. That’s a good idea. Keep everyone guessing. ????????
      Thanks for the comment…err…please don’t mind me asking…what does this bigggg word mean? What made you choose it? ☺

      1. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means “atoning for educability through delicate beauty ” or simply fantastic. 🙂
        It’s from the movie Mary Poppins. I wanted something unique and different blog name, and what else can be unique than the one I chose. 🙂

        1. Absolutely!! It is unique. Thanks for telling me and not getting offended. ☺????

          1. Arey Nahi.. A lot of people are finding it difficult 🙂

          2. Ohh you speak Hindi! Now this is unexpected. I sort of assumed you weren’t Indian. Don’t know why. ????????

          3. Haha… I am very much Indian and a girl. 😀

          4. ???????????? kya bol rahe ho yaar!! ????????

          5. ;);)
            Haha… Yepppppppp..
            Hello, I am Rekha.. 🙂 may be I should have said this before….

          6. Hii Rekha… ☺☺☺
            Nice meeting you. Have had such a fun chat after a looong time on my blog. ☺

          7. Nice meeting you too, varsh or varsha is it?

          8. Varsha…pen name Varsh ☺

          9. Do check my blog out sometime Varsha. 🙂

          10. I will definitely…I’m curious to see what you write about now ☺

          11. I don’t stick to one topic, u might find variety of stuff 🙂 hope you ll enjoy reading through..

          12. Just like me that is ☺

  2. Oh no.. my dp is what I set when I got whaysapp. .I bet people have got sick and tired f looking at it..????????

    I should change mine I think…

    1. Hahaha…go ahead…change it…people will ping you to thank you for changing it! ????????

  3. Dp is last thing on my mind. I would change it frequently when using bbm but on whatsapp I don’t bother for months

    1. I never used bbm. But whatsapp one i change quite frequently. ☺

      1. I often wonder how some people find time to check out profile picture of contact list! 😉

        1. How can anyone miss profile pictures on contact list? 😉

          1. What I mean is that many people just browse through profile picture of their contact list n even comment on ’em!

          2. Really?? Never heard that or did that! I do comment if i come across a profile pic…but don’t go around looking for them.

          3. Some people do
            ….and I usually see that with females. 😉

          4. ????????

      2. Bbm was BlackBerry messenger. it’s not popular now

        1. I know…I had a Nokia ☺

          1. Ha ha! We all had Nokia…. at some point! 🙂

          2. Yaa….I bought a Sony only to break the Nokia spell. ???? Now I have a Samsung.

          3. Cool! I’m not a Samsung fan… for many reasons! But yeah it has good camera.

          4. Oh well…next I will buy another one. So many brands…no one should feel bad na.????

          5. Ha ha! Fair enough… So which brand is getting lucky now? 😉

          6. Not thought of it….but an Iphone sounds good ????

          7. That’ll surely please apple executives … They’re quite tensed with falling iPhone sales of late! 🙂

          8. I will them I deserve a special discount in that case. ????

          9. sure you do…switching loyalty surely demands some extra discount! 😉

          10. ☺☺☺

          11. all the best! 🙂

  4. i change my DP frequently and that you must know 😉 however, the change is only when I get hold of a new picture of mine, mostly I avoid using kids’ pics etc as DP… so if you have it, flaunt it 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better now, a quick chat?

    1. Ya I know you change your dp frequently. ☺????I too avoid putting up kids’ pics. Not too comfortable with it. We both got it, isn’t it? ????
      I’m much better now. Friends ka asar. ☺

  5. Have outsourced that job to my wife :). Do not prefer my single pic, Its either with wife or its a pic of the kids only as it presently is 🙂

    1. Wah…how nice. My husband as a rule never puts a pic in which I’m there. He and the kids…that’s it! Although I’m the one to change his dp, he prefers keeping me behind the curtains. ????

      1. That shows he is possessive about you. It may be a good sign 🙂

        1. Ohh I would like to believe the possesive part ( and not that I’m supoosed to be hidden for my ugliness ????). ☺☺

          1. 🙂

  6. I usually put up goofy photos of myself, even if I am down in the dumps. I like to think I made someone smile, even if I’m not the one smiling. Narcissistic, right?

    1. Hahaha… I feel it is a good thing. Like a vicious circle of smiles, so in the end you end up smiling too hopefully. 😆

  7. what does my dp say about me.. I have no clue.. I keep changing it even by the minute and remove it when I feel bored!

    1. I can tell you what it means. Why not I put up yummy food pics so others feel hungry and left out ????????

      1. Hahahaha! Could be.. Or it could just day I’m restless beyond measure ..and have limited attention span..

        1. Hmmm…that could be it too ????????????

  8. Hopefully you are feeling good…I really don change dp of wassup or fb…But your post encourage me to do so.. 🙂

    1. I’m good now…thank you! ???????? It was a temporary low phase.
      I change my dp often..I like to. Try doing it…you’ll be pleasantly surprised if some lovely unexpected compliment comes your way. ☺

      1. sure .. i will try

        1. ☺☺

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