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55-Fiction ~ Crisis

“Why isn’t it possible, say again?” He asked.

“Told you, I can’t face anyone. Won’t leave the house for few months!” She cried.

“You won’t go back on your word, promise?” He chuckled.

“You think it’s funny? My beautician burnt my hair. I’m an ugly bird!” She howled.

A bizarre marital crisis, he never anticipated.

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  1. I only hope it wasn’t a true story, although I somehow feel like it was.

    1. Haha…I wrote it as fiction, but such things do happen. ????

  2. Ha ha ha…that was fun. And I was expecting something really serious. Well done!????

    1. Haha…I thought to make crisis a fun thing to laugh about. 😀

  3. ????????

    1. ????????????

  4. These days we get wigs.. ????????

    1. I had to focus on the crisis….not the solution ????

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