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Early to rise

Every morning my alarm goes off and depending upon my readiness to leave the comfort of my bed and the warmth of someone’s arms, my reaction to it varies from cool, refreshed and ready to go, irritated, turning it off and going back to sleep or cursing the time I set it up in the first place.

However, the fact that I’m inclined to save my clothes from bursting out at their seams plays the spoiler almost daily and pushes me to don my workout garb and jogging shoes and head out to the park close to my place.

A woman is allowed her distractions though, right? To keep myself entertained during what could be a mundane thing, I’ve prepared a list of the many interestingly curious characters I encounter everyday. 😛

The Mobile Phone User

I don’t think mobile phones came with a directive, ‘Keep on your person at all times!’. Yet, it is amusing that even while taking an early morning walk people find a way to cram some business into this seemingly unproductive time. Did listening to your own heartbeat go completely out of fashion?

The Teenage Hangout

Almost every other day there are a couple of teenage girls, dressed impeccably for a good jog, sitting on one of the park benches and discussing at alarming decibel levels and complete disregard to (their as well as others’) privacy, their boyfriends, the size of their jeans, the choice of their friends’ clothes, etc.

The Couple that Walks Together

There are some couples who religiously engage in ‘couple activities’ and keep each other inspired and motivated. It is indeed a sweet thing, but is it really necessary to walk side by side and block half the pathway while doing so? It is taking inseparable to a new level, and not a convenient one for others.

Walking Ladies Ahead!

These are mostly homemakers looking for some fresh morning air before getting down to their daily routine. I’m one of them too. Since I believe talking while walking drains energy faster and must be completely ignored, I prefer going solo, but these ladies think otherwise and between panting and moving, vociferously share their family problems and daily menus with everyone within earshot.

The Laughter Club

There’s a group of senior citizens, men in this case, who come for a Laughter Club on a fairly regular basis. Their camaraderie suggests that they are all well-known to each other and having a great time. Interestingly, age hasn’t done much to curb the naughtiness in these youngsters, since I’ve occasionally seen them giggle and whisper looking at girls, not overtly of course.

The Cherry on the Cake

Every time I look at this bunch of energetic kids I wish I could get my late-rising A Jr to do the same! These kids do everything; play on the slides and swings, run around aimlessly, pretend paying attention to their attendants and basically have a good time! They aren’t bothered about anyone else and couldn’t care less about what others are doing. They are the happy faces of the park. 🙂 🙂

Obviously, these are not all. There are some serious ones who assiduously jog, do their yoga and breathing exercises or practice cricket and other games. Some people simply find a comfortable spot and enjoy seeing everything that’s happening around.

On days I have skipping, floor exercises or suryanamaskars planned for my workout I give the morning walk a skip, and honestly, I miss it. Me observing and writing about people doesn’t mean that my other keener senses are out on vacation.  The aroma of freshly watered grass, the sound of sparrows chirping, the beautiful grey colour of the sky before daybreak and on rare times, the moon and the sun in the sky together, make me experience nature at its loveliest best. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Are you a morning person? What according to you is the best way to begin your day?

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