Down the memory lane, Friends

The one you stand by

The other day I was talking to an old and very close friend of mine. Someone who can get me into some serious trouble if she ever chooses to do so. I know she won’t. Friends have some kind of a ‘vault’ where stuff is strictly supposed to be kept hidden and secure from the world, right? ☺

It reminded me of Friends, one of the most famous sitcoms of all time. Something I grew up watching, and (like most teenagers who saw it) secretly hoping to live it for real. It also made me realise a thing or two that helped me understand my friends better.

I understood the value of friends and friendship and was convinced of the fact that even committed relationships or successful marriages cannot replace them.

It taught me acceptance. When you call someone your friend, you accept them the way they are. Unconditionally. 🙂

Every person is unique. You might dislike their quirky personality traits, but that’s what makes them the special people they are.

The funniest thing is being able to predict their reactions, their preferences and being able to complete their sentences for them before they do! 😀

No matter what they do, no matter how wrong you think they are, all you can do is suggest and wait. You can’t force them to take your advice.

You have to stand by them, come what may. Both of you have to know that you have someone to fall back on, always.

You can never be too busy for them. If you value them enough, you will somehow find time for them.

Friendship that changes or gets influenced by a person’s paycheck isn’t real. It is then just a convenient arrangement.

Your friendship cannot stop people from taking the road their life leads them to. Let them go, but that doesn’t mean you lost them.

You agree with them, yes? If you’re lucky to have any such friend(s) in your life, go tell them how important they are for you and make them feel loved and remembered! 🙂

32 thoughts on “The one you stand by

  1. I lost a dear school friend to the very thing you mentioned in your post… “paycheck”… my paycheck got bigger and she started ignoring me slowly drifting away and now full stop.

    your post is true none the less… thanks for sharing this thoughts.

    1. I’m sure everyone goes through the evolution of friendship and learns a few things on the way which makes them wiser and smarter. Friends, the sitcom, is one such happy evolution. Thanks for reading. ☺

  2. I think in today’s time , the reach has increased so much that we can comfortably search for like minded people across the world. Imagine going to a complete stranger of opposite gender and making a random conversation just like that…but today one can initiate such thing online without second thought…it isnt short of miracle…i was it was there when i was looking for a bride ????????

    1. ????????????

      Yes, it has become much easier to reach out to people, but the older way had one advantage. It was a little difficult to hide behind virtual faces. Don’t you think?

      1. Also remember during earlier times during match making if a boy/girl did not accept first few proposals (after real interaction) , others in family would say “iske bhaav badhe hain koi pasand nahi aata????) now they can reject 100 proposals without anyone getting any wiser ????

        1. Ohkk…you are talking in the matchmaking sense. Then yes, it is lot more easier. A had to hear this line too. He just wouldn’t say yes to anyone. ????

          1. He said yes within 5 minutes! Can you imagine! ????????
            I keep asking him even now, what did you see in me that you didn’t see in other girls? He doesn’t answer. Says just felt right. ????????????

          2. It has a feel good factor of “kuchh kuchh hota hai” :). may be sometime some sixth sense, some hunch feeling guide us so well that it can literally transform our life and he did exactly that when it mattered most…:)

            By the way was was the initial talks like…Who asked what ?

          3. Kuch kuch hota hai..sahi ????????

            He asked nothing, just quietly kept looking at me. I kept talking the whole time. In fact, even later I did most of the talking and declared to my Mom that the guy doesn’t like me or say anything. ????
            Once we got married his true colours came out. Now I’m convinced that he’s capable of talking lot more nonsense than me!! ????????

  3. interesting point…but the real interaction is always a choice..the virtual world may help people filter those they dont wish to associate further without the trouble of interacting in person ☺

    1. thing you are ignoring though. Virtual interaction cannot be easily stopped by one party alone. If one wants to break away but the other one doesn’t, then it gets real difficult to hide or block completely. Virtual stalking is a big problem.

      1. yes thats different side of the coin related to troubles created by new age mediums … imagine one coming across one Ex, and the emotional turbulence it might cause when one sees other moving ahead in life while himself remaining stuck….

        1. That happens lot more than we can imagine. Getting a closure becomes an impossible task then. Someone who enjoys inflicting pain can make it even worse. Also, chances are the whole world can see it.

          1. Yes thats true and probably thats the reason humans are negatively evolving with times and moving towards a emotionless society gradually…pizzas and relationships are changed at drop of hat..

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