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ARK's eyes and Fitoor

He made me write for him earlier, and here I am writing for him again. He might not be much popular owing to his debatable lack of acting prowess, but that doesn’t take away what he does have, right? In this case; it’s his eyes.

Since we aren’t playing puzzles here, let me tell you that I’m talking about Aditya Roy Kapoor; the one actor amongst all the newcomers who has made me cry inconsolably and also go weak in my knees, just with the expression in his eyes and a smile. Boy, can they emote! It is seriously unfair to have such lovely eyes!

I’m not sure I will mind if you’re judging me or my choice right now. We’re all entitled to our opinions, likes and dislikes after all. I don’t like him to the extent of sitting through a bad movie for a glimpse of him or anything, but I like to see him on screen and ogle at him once in a while.

Anyway, what makes me talk of him now is the trailer of Fitoor. Book adaptations are tricky, and even more so when it is a classic. May be that’s why I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the movie. I still don’t think I will watch it. What did catch my fancy though was Aditya Roy Kapoor, yet again.

In case you have seen the trailer you must’ve noticed the way he’s shown completely engrossed in painting, forming structures, sketching and basically creating stuff. His eyes are focussed and intent. His body language is unrestricted and smooth. He completely steals the show, leaving little scope for distraction.

The imagination that our mind is capable of has always intrigued me. Expressing it immaculately through words, drawings, paintings or any other art form is simply astounding! The song Pashmina reminded me of the scene in The Fountainhead where a statue of Dominique Francon is being made.

Here’s the song for you.


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