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There was a time when taking kids out for shopping was a task in itself. I remember carrying (and I still do) a whole snack-pack with me even when the list wrapped up in single digits. If getting them interested and ready wasn’t challenging enough, there was always the fear and embarrassment of a full blown tantrum over some unnecessary toy or the constant ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I’m thirsty’ or ‘I want to go to the loo’ story in any store.

When it comes to shopping for kids, parents can never be completely convinced if their choice is right. Also, there are so many options and fakes available in the market that it is impossible to determine if what they are buying is authentic and worth it. All brands are not easily available everywhere and are sometimes priced very dearly. E-commerce, in such cases, comes as a boon to many.

Here are a few e-commerce trends that I feel are changing the way people shop for their kids:

FlipTrends - Kids

Shopping across borders: Have a hankering for that super cute blazer for your infant? Want to get an adorable doll similar to the one your daughter’s best friend’s Uncle got for her from London? Looking for some advanced educational toys for your school and cannot find them? While there are asterisks involved, it is possible to order all these and more from any country in the world.

Shopping in India: Apart from a privileged few, there weren’t many who knew the names, origin or variety of many kids’ brands. Merchandise wasn’t freely available, and even if it was, the prices were over the roof. E-commerce has brought the best brands from around the world at one place and they are now just a click away.

Sales and discounts: Whenever shopping for birthday parties, presents or return gifts is considered, the concept of sales and discounts is a big lure. Bulk purchase can also be a good option depending upon the concerned site. What more, the gifts can reach the consumers all wrapped up pretty, ready to be given away. If this isn’t a draw for hassled parents, then what is?

Easy return policy: Non-standardisation of sizes can lead to a very obvious problem of size difference. Colour, texture, fabric and fit are some of the most common difficulties parents face when it comes to shopping for apparel and shoes. Products like games, books etc. are generally not an issue, but with easy return policy there is always the relief that you aren’t obliged to buy what you don’t want to.

Involvement of kids: Today’s internet led generation likes to keep up with the latest and the best. What better way for them to boast to their friends about their ‘package’ that arrived from so and so online shopping site? Kids can also be involved in browsing and short-listing and can be taught financial responsibility.

Buy this cute Chhota Bheem online..happy kids assured! 🙂

Time is at a discount for almost everyone these days. Spending time for shopping with kids without having to break your back with shopping bags and messing up your mind with their constantly wavering choices sounds like music to parents’ ears. Add to it the faith that they’re getting a genuine product at a reasonable price, and they’re on! Isn’t it tempting to order a pizza and watch some wonderful movie with your family at home instead? 🙂

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