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Chhota Bheem has come to town!

I always look forward to Indiblogger meets. Not only are they very well organised and chalked out, the by-now familiar smiling faces that never let the planning fatigue show and the zealous blogging community that is abundantly in attendance every time, make them an interesting platform for exchange of ideas and getting inspiration.

If this wasn’t enough, this meet became all the more appealing to me as a mother since we were witnessing the launch of ‘Flipkart Li’l Stars- India’s Biggest Online Kids Store’. There was going to be an interaction with people from Mattel, Disney and Chhota Bheem about children and their world. Kalpana Behara, a parent blogger was going to discuss with us the ‘Questions and debates in the mind of a parent blogger’. The venue was Blue Frog, Lower Parel. Sounds good, yes?

My time management went awfully wrong that day and I reached there huffing and puffing, almost half an hour late. Half expecting to be shunned out for being a lazy bum, I (and my empty growling stomach) breathed a sigh of relief when I was told that lunch was being served and there was still time for the meet to begin. Unable to find anyone I knew, I went and joined a lovely lady on her table, only to find out later that she was Kalpana Behara, the parent blogger and guest speaker.

Kalpana was warm and informative and gave us useful pointers about blogging about our children, getting rid of the blogging block we all have seen and known, and the need to instil writing discipline in us. She interacted with the bloggers and shared her own bitter-sweet experiences. ‘Being a narcissist is ok’ is what she believes in.

After this was the panel discussion with the people from Flipkart, Disney and Chhota Bheem. They insisted on the need to have a platform where all our kids’ needs could be met in the comfort of our homes. They wanted to know about the products we like to buy online, our reasons for them and our experiences. What I liked about their approach was that they were prepared to take positive as well as negative feedback.

This was followed by a lively performance by the in-house band Blunder In the Code. We sang along with them and we all had a wonderful time.

Any Indiblogger meet is incomplete without a game! We played the Ad-Mad game where 5 teams of 12 teammates each were made and we had to make a skit using the products available on Flipkart Kids Store. There was also this contest where we had to post the pictures of the most cutest/beloved/fancy toy of our kids on Twitter and there were prizes for the people who won. Needless to say, both contests were well participated in and well attempted.

All of us had a lovely time over cocktails. Bloggers mingled with each other, there were lots of conversations, exchange of numbers and loads of pictures, as always. The best part for the mom in me was this super cute Chhota Bheem toy we got from Flipkart.


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