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Two successful firsts

Dear Angel,

Today was a big day for you. It had two firsts and you took them both bang on. I’m so proud of you!

First, we got your tonsure done today! Usually it is done in Rajasthan at our native place, but cruel and mean as it may sound, it applies only to boys. For girls this ritual isn’t as necessary ( I feel like slapping myself even for saying this!) and can be done right here at home without much fuss.

The barber came to our home on our request. I was very nervous that you might get hurt because you are very fidgety and restless. However, you surprised both me and Papa by being very cool about it. Not once did you cry or make a scene. In fact, it wasn’t until evening that you realised your smooth tresses were missing. 🙂

Second, is my favourite and has given me so much relief! We took you to see Bajirao Mastani today. Your first ever movie! We weren’t sure how you will take the darkness or the loud sound associated with theatres, but girl, you were a whole big surprise! You loved it! This proves that both you and Bhaiya, along with Papa, could very happily make the theatre your second home.

Not only did you let us see the movie peacefully, you found things to occupy you. The lights at the bottom of the stairs, the seat handles, the occasional glance at the screen when some song was playing, you loved it all. You even went near some Aunty and stood next to her holding her finger. She assured me she was ok with it. Sweet na? 🙂

(Do hell with people who say kids shouldn’t be taken to theatres. If the kid behaves, what problem do they have with it? Nuclear families don’t have much choice, do they?)

God bless you my dear. Please always remain the happy child that you are. Your smile is the light of our lives now.

Lots of love,


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