….a lot more than something is lost, and I can say this with certainty owing to the numerous health-related problems I’ve been witnessing since past many years.

No, this isn’t about me. My health has thankfully been kind to me till now. Apart from dealing with the never-ending weight issues, I’ve had a rather smooth ride. My sickness always began and ended on common cold (much to my irritation when I was younger). I felt left out when my friends/classmates had bouts of fever or some other disease and had to be admitted. For me it was a school-approved holiday and I missed it. Silly me! 😄

Even when I was expecting, both times, I was working right till the last day and was never dependant on anyone for anything. Both my deliveries were normal and I was back on my feet fending for myself and my tiny tots within a month, by God’s grace.

The health issues I mentioned earlier are related to family. Not one, but many of them. Heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia etc. are just a few of them. I haven’t included the psychological concerns that arise due to prolonged ailments here. The dependance on medicines for survival is immense and yet nothing seems to work towards bringing things back to normal.

Frustration comes easy in such situations and hampers not just the sick, but everyone around them. Any suggestions to still keep the spirits up somehow are met with a stiff refusal or the simple blame that we can’t even begin to contemplate what they go through day in and day out.

Medical expenses are going through the roof, irrespective of what the illness is. In our country one more thing that works (or doesn’t) on patients as much as doctors is superstition. All kinds of Gods are called upon for favours and apologised to for any misdeeds, deliberate or otherwise. At times I’ve seen more prominence given to our in-house pandits than medical experts.

Well, we do what we can. Enable. Emphathise. Serve. Tolerate, at times. Beyond a certain point however there’s little one can do, other than hoping that by any sort of intervention something good happens.

Somewhere deep down (due to the medical history in the family), the scare of being in a similar situation haunts me.  Who knows if our kids will stand up to serve us when they have to or will they bicker and procastinate. Better to live a shorter and fuller life than feeling unwanted and living longer.

Hope that the health that has never been an issue for me always stays like this and never makes me rely on anyone for anything.

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7 thoughts on “When health is lost..

  1. We are loosing on health front because of wrong lifestyle ,wrong food, no exercises, ac rooms , dependence on more artificial rather than on natural , no doubt genetics do get transferred ,no way we can avert ,yes we can give better future to kids by changing our lifestyles

    1. True. Change in lifestyle is one of the major reasons for health concerns. Although I must add that slowly people are realising its importance and working towards a healthier and fitter life.
      Welcome here. ☺

        1. To some extent, yes. But it is human behaviour to not act seriously and with haste until something terrible happens closer home.

          1. Problem is that we are opting for supplement which are more injurious to health ,we should focus on natural things ,organic fruits , vegetables , seeds and lots of walking

  2. The thought of ill health scares me too. It sucks to be dependent on others and feel like a liability. It’s true that your loved ones have your back but always a better idea to try and keep in good health. Thanks for this important reminder! 🙂

    1. Agree with you Deboshree. This is one thing that is within our control and a little effort on our side can help a lot. Glad to be of help. ☺

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