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For your eyes only

What happens when a child discovers wax crayons, pens, sketch pens, pencils or anything that leaves an imprint when scribbled with? First thing : The walls of your house are smeared and smudged with indecipherable graffiti, are grossly defaced and give you sore eyes.
Similarly, what happens when a jerk who gets an affordable smart phone suddenly turns into a self-announced ‘good’ photographer and starts clicking one silly picture after another and shares them with you compulsively? Your wall gets defaced again; only this time it is on Facebook! 🙁
Let me make it clear first. I’m not a good photographer by any standard. I have no knowledge of any of the minute details involved in photography like lighting, using zooms etc. I don’t have the patience or motivation to carry some advanced camera with me either.
I’m happy clicking pictures on my phone, and I know the limitations that come with it too. There are lots of things I can and cannot do with the settings, and mostly I’m fine with it. The pictures are for my personal collection and are to be shared only with the people I want to.
Suddenly though, I see a strange trend emerging. People click pictures of anything that catches their fancy and feel compelled to share their (in)expertise with everyone in all types of social media. They’re desperate enough to claim and expect your reaction too.
I’m not saying no one is good. Some of them are as perfect in their work as professionals are, but such people are very few. I look forward for more stuff from them, don’t mind asking for tips from them and truly respect their art.
I think originality and creativity come with passion and perseverance, regardless of which field we’re talking about. Wish people understood the difference between a true hobby and an only-for-sharing passing hobby phase.

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  1. This indeed is a fad among Indian youths
    Getting a DSLR and thinking they are a pro photographer and also creating a page called ‘ X’s Photography ‘
    This has started happening with smartphones too I guess 😛

    1. It it very irritating really. People posting pictures of food they had…or some lame thing they found interesting…as if without sharing the experience wouldn’t be complete. Weird!

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