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What a dilemma!

Writing a post on A Jr after a long time, and after reading this you’ll know why this HAD to be written. When he grows up A Jr will probably blush a beetroot red when he reads this.

I’m logged on to Facebook on my phone while A Jr is talking non-stop in the background about something I have lost track of. After many Uh-huhs and Ohs and monosyllable replies from me he realises that I’m not even pretending to listen properly. Upset, he comes to me and starts to fidget with the phone until he sees the picture of a cute baby on the screen.

A Jr: Mamma…ye baby kiska hai?

Me: *Smiling* Meri friend ka hai…cute hai na…

A Jr: *Brushing off* Haan cute hai.

He then proceeds to recollect my every friend he knows of and who has a child. He gives me some names….then some names of cities where they are located…or some gift they got for him….to place who’s child it is. Impressive, but this does not help. He doesn’t know this baby’s mother. I tell him so.

Not one to give up and still on the baby topic, he probes me further.

A Jr: *Seriously* Mamma, B masi ko baby hai kya?

Me: *Wondering where this is going* No beta. B masi ki ab tak shaadi nahi hui hai, unko baby kaise hoga? (I don’t want to get any further with him on this thing. Babies happen only after marriage. Period!) Wo to abhi college jaati hai na. Padhai kar rahi hai.

He’s still not ready to let go. (Big problem with the men in my family!)

A Jr: Oh, accha. Lekin B masi ko shaadi ke liye koi ladka mil gaya kya?

Me: *Rolling eyes* Nahi. Ab tak nahi. Jab padhai khatm hogi tab tak mil jayega.

A Jr: *Masterstroke* Mujhe to lagta hai unko ladka isliye nahi mila kyunki unko ladki milne wali hai shayad. Hai na Mamma?

Mamma’s shocked and speechless! :-/

What can I say? He doesn’t even understand the meaning of what he said, but when he does he’ll probably be embarrassed to face B masi. 😀

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