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Meeting the Blogeshwaris ~ The JCB way!

When it comes to Indiblogeshwaris, there’s nothing I want to miss, ever! The whole bunch is made up of normal ladies with an abnormal and uncanny sense of humour but with an equally matured attitude towards life. It isn’t surprising then that hanging out with them works like therapy and laughing your heart out with them is better than being in a laughing club! 😀

The best gifts are the ones you get when you least expect them. Courtesy of the wonderful Indiblogeshwaris I got pampered and had a great time at this very interesting event which was one (unintended) surprise birthday gift for me in the form of a blogmeet at the Jean Claude Biguine – Salon & Spa in Bandra! 🙂

JCB, for the first time had approached a group of personal bloggers for any such event and it indeed made us feel humble and important. This was a different kind of experience for them, as well as us, and I was really looking forward to know what they had in store for us.

Minor glitches like; me having a small fight with the autowala for taking me around in circles, walking around in the sun clueless of where I was going and almost getting lost, and being on the phone with Vinita all the while and taking confusing directions from her, were a thing of the past as soon as I reached JCB. Boy, was I glad to see the board or what! 😀 😛


I was smiling from ear the ear within minutes when I saw the lovely ladies Janaki Sfurti and Kajal all enveloped in a warm cocoon of indulgence! Someone was getting a manicure and kept a hand free to hold a glass of wine, while someone was in a half-dozed state after a relaxing pedicure. Best of all though was our girl Piya who was getting a head massage and was lost in a completely different world! 🙂


Quick introductions with the new girls, and I was ready for my turn. I figured I’d go for a pedicure. To be honest, this was the first time I got my feet done by a guy and it felt strange at first. I laughed to myself when he complained that my chudidar (which wouldn’t slide up much) just wouldn’t give him enough room to show his skills! Whatever he could, he did a good job of it though. I was spoilt for choice with the whole palette of nail colours to choose from and eventually selected a daring green. Check it out! 😉 😉


Fashion, beauty and gossip were at topmost priority and all of us had a great time sharing small tips and experiences with each other. Alongside, we had the JCB kitchen getting us full on Nachos and Sandwiches. Wine and champagne were keeping all the ladies happy while few of them were intoxicated too.


All of us are a happy clicking lot, but we were also lucky to have a professional photographer between us who obliged us all with lovely group photos and even individual photos. I’m sure the other customers found our exuberance quite baffling.

The meet winded up on time and while we were all preparing to leave there was another surprise thing. Our lovely hostess Aishwarya who was hanging out with us and is a lot of fun, had arranged some return gifts for us! After a fun afternoon this was certainly an ‘Icing on Top’! 🙂


This meet was of, for and by women and that’s what made it all the more special! Our blogs are an extension of us, and in that respect our blog friends are like an extension of our relationships. It is amazing how much we look forward to these events and how the distance or the commute don’t bother us. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and JCB sure pampered us silly. They’re wonderful hosts and great at turning you around. Do visit them sometime. 🙂

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