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Err…is that really you??

Does internet offer the same opportunities to everyone in general, like Bigg Boss offers to its contestants? Does it give you the chance to live the identity that you always craved for? Does allowing you to put yourself up on a public platform and creating an image that is unbeknownst to a lot of people, ultimately not lead you towards an identity crisis? 

These questions have been playing in my mind since a long time, and once and for all, I want to get them out of my system. Why has internet become such an inseparable part of our lives is beyond me at times. I’ve gone on long hiatuses, as my readers know, and although I did miss the interaction and sharing of ideas, it wasn’t like my life came to a standstill

There were many things I wanted to write about which remained unsaid, there might be many posts written by our wonderful bloggers that I might’ve liked to read but missed (which I can always go back to by the way!), there might be experiences with A Jr that would stay in my memory and camera forever but which never made it here, and so on.

There are things about me that even my friends never knew about before and which they do now, thanks to my blog and FB. They didn’t know that I could write and that I was interested in poetry. Although it is amusing when I tell them that it’s a hobby I’ve been harbouring for ages, it is a little sad that my ‘little secret’ is out. No one forced me to do that though, isn’t it? Then do I have the right to complain? I don’t know.

Most people from my childhood would remember me as reticent and an introvert. I was a very nervous kid and unfamiliarity with anything would freak me out. I had very few close friends and wasn’t open even with them. I’d find disagreeing with anyone insulting to them and often ended up doing stuff I never wanted to do. I think you get the picture, if only a vague one.

Now it is me here, the same person. Discussing love, life and A Jr, without the slightest hesitation, even when I know many of my readers personally. I find myself updating status messages on FB, sometimes out of boredom and sometimes out of compulsion (like many many others, mind you!). I have something to comment now, a practice I strictly reserved for myself earlier. In other words, I’ve come out of my shell and how.

Having said that,I have to agree that in person there hasn’t been a very drastic change in me now, though I’m not as naive as I was before. I have a strong opinion and have the courage to stand by it. I’m more ‘out there’ now, even though I’m never comfortable in a crowd. There’s an improvement, but it’s when I’m online that I become more vocal.

We form an opinion about people from what we see and read about them, but its genuineness can never be gauged correctly. We might make countless friends here, but wouldn’t know what they’re made of unless we see them in person. Wouldn’t it be like some sort of alternate personality then?

Coming back to my questions in the start of this post, I guess everyone would have his/her own take on it. Would love to know what you feel. 

6 thoughts on “Err…is that really you??

  1. @Scribby: What I meant to say was that the option of anonymity gives you an added edge to express yourself. I've come across bloggers who write absolutely secretly and maintain that religiously. I know you are the same online and offline, and honestly, I think I'm not. Expressing myself through written word has always been easier for me, and seeking out people has been unbearably tough. Like me, there might be other people right?My confusion lies in knowing where the offline person ends and the online person starts. Are they different and do they affect each other?Btw…you think I'm any different online??

  2. I think what Varsh means to say is that what one portrays online need not be what he/she really is. Being online gives you a mask to wear because no one can see your real expressions no matter how many emoticons u use.

  3. @G: Well…exactly! My words put more correctly and to the point. Like, when we met at the Blogmeet, we could form a certain image about each other and now we're a little more than blog friends I think. We wouldn't know what the other one was made of otherwise.The mask people get the chance to wear here has managed to fool plenty of vain ones, financially, emotionally and physically. So it does come with a risk tag. Doesn't it?

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