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The place I call Home

It’s done and is ready to come out in the open. It has a new address, a new ring to its name, and still is the good old me. Personalising has become a whole new experience with it. I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on trying to give it a spanking new look, and I must say, it is quite alluring. Why then haven’t I yet shared it with all of you? I don’t know!

The identity in question is a new blog that I’ve been meaning to put up at WordPress (actually I have already put it up). I’d signed up a few months ago, while the whole ‘importing’ my older posts from Blogger happened few days back.

I was mighty glad to be able to upload the pictures of my choice and had a beautiful collage prepared for the same. The choice of themes had changed; the appearance was fresh and different.I could do away with some of the many widgets on my blog which I’ve hardly ever used. In short, it was like buying a new house and renovating it for comfort, with your signature touch. I always liked the various new features that WordPress offered and was curious to try them out.

Having said all this, I haven’t yet made my blog public. Wonder whether it is the confidence and comfort that comes with familiarity or the affection one has with a maiden project, I’m just not able to give this blog up. I’ve not been regular enough with this one itself, maintaining two would be ridiculous. For me writing is fun when it’s done by choice, and boring when it is just for the sake of it.

Also comes the question of losing out on my readers who’ll need to change my url everywhere. And what happens next? If I get bored with WordPress in some time will I need to create a new blog again? What is wrong with this one then? This too has been autographed (!) by me (Check out my digital signature)! 😀

I’m not able to find a solution for my quandary. Shall I give this one up and start the new one or shall I let the new one remain under wraps like it is now? Many of you have gone through this dilemma. Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “The place I call Home

  1. don't think too much..moving to wordpress is the first step that you've already taken now all you need to do is to pass on the url to us and we all pack up from here and land at your new home 🙂 remember I had the same dilemma? so talking by experience-of course having 2 blogs is not a wise idea,if both blogs have the same purpose. Also.initially you might feel slightly out of place at the new one,slowly yet steadily you'll love your new home :)so go ahead..share the url like now 🙂

  2. Nooooo. stay here. Use the new one for ur private thoughts :Psecret secret you know like u said in your earlier post- for the un-masked varsh.

  3. @Scribby: Yupp…I think so…anyway with me being away for so long I'll have to redo the whole bonding thing with everyone…so why not in the new place na? :DOk…the shifting part will happen soon! 🙂

  4. @G: Well you agreed that the new one is good, isn't it? So you liked it already! And I'm sure you'll like and read me equally there too.Private thoughts…no way…I think I'll have to come back to read and comment your blogs and you guys can identify me from there. 😀

  5. Does it matter if you change your platform? Not for me! It is the Varsha your ‘virtual’ friends already know, so change is good and as Akhila says ‘change is refreshing’! Go for it girl.
    Love that signature, btw 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Perfy! I was quite upset initially on losing out on my existing followers and start afresh, but it was all worth it. ????
      I haven’t used that signature in so long! Glad you liked it. Shall i use it again? ????

      1. Don’t be…just let us know where else to find you and your witty work and we will be there (I will for sure). The signature is the first I have seen, usually find a name written or the initials but never a signature, so go for it, standing differently is always good, what say?
        For all you know you would be starting a new tradition for fellow bloggers to follow!

        1. Awww…you just made my heart swell with pride and gratitude my dear! Hugs! As of now this is where I write. Maintaining two blogs is too much work.
          I’ve been toying with the idea for a while. Will do it I guess. I had added the signature just for fun, but it does give a unique identity. ????????

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