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One Thing I Love about Me #ThankfulThursdays

There is a certain clarity that comes with being on the receiving end of jabs from everyone around you as a child. Thanks to getting picked upon for having a physical built on the heavier side, public-speaking issues arising from a less-than-articulate speech or the constant feeling of victimisation that comes from an oversensitive nature,… Read More One Thing I Love about Me #ThankfulThursdays

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Should our kids know the truth? #Parenting

Making simple decisions like what to wear to work, what to prepare for dinner or which movie to relax with over the weekend, repeatedly, can be exhausting and dizzying, can’t it? Wouldn’t life be much easier if all this was done magically and everyone was happy in the end? Sigh! Life is a little more… Read More Should our kids know the truth? #Parenting