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My relationship with books :-)

I won’t call myself a bookworm, primarily because my reading lulls are frequent and range from a few days, weeks to even a few months sometimes. Matters of precedence, too much of reading churning a cocktail of thoughts in my mind or, most commonly, time required to process something heavy that I read, make me… Read More My relationship with books 🙂

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Books, partners #NaBloPoMo day 21

Books are the best partners in bed. They are undemanding, unapologetic. They are the giving lovers we crave for. They can arouse unspeakable sensations in you. They are inherently innocent about what they convey. They can appease a scorched heart with their stirring words. They aren’t great lookers always, but make the perfect inseparable companions.

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Why I Read

Some time back I had a done a post on Why I Write. This time I want to write on Why I Read. I believe reading, like writing, is something that comes from within. One can try to inform, encourage or suggest, but unless there is an internal urge to gain and imbibe something from… Read More Why I Read