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Why I Read

Some time back I had a done a post on Why I Write. This time I want to write on Why I Read. I believe reading, like writing, is something that comes from within. One can try to inform, encourage or suggest, but unless there is an internal urge to gain and imbibe something from… Read More Why I Read

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The Game of India

With the rain playing havoc in Mumbai, getting out with Angel has become very difficult. Apart from the essential groceries there isn’t much I go out for these days, but something I truly miss shopping for are books. Not only for me but also for A Jr. I got this Student’s General Knowledge Encyclopaedia for… Read More The Game of India

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Coffee..Conversations..Ravi Subramanian…and more :)

When I received my autographed copy of The Bankster for review, I was thrilled. It is the one and only autographed book I have and it made me feel special to hold and possess it. If that was special, I sure have no words to express what I felt when my dear friend Pinsy told… Read More Coffee..Conversations..Ravi Subramanian…and more 🙂