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Rains, thoughts and my balcony

The sound reaches me first. Initially soothing, and then with an edge of urgency, it makes me drearily abandon my state of inertia. The gentle clashing of the winds against the window pane quickly transforms into desperate knocking that threatens to crash it into pieces. The Mumbai rains have finally arrived and how! I walk into my bedroom balcony half-expecting the mud from my flower pots sprayed across the floor and am not disappointed. Tiptoeing my way to avoid slipping on it, I reach the corner and stand there silently. For some moments everything else fades out as I lean on the grill and let the raindrops splash on my face.

This balcony was the clincher when we decided to invest in this house. Well, this and the bigger one (yes, my bedroom has two) which is now converted into a study. It accords a gorgeous view of the garden, lake, and the small temple in front of my house. The entire township I live in has been developed by CIDCO, which also took upon the responsibility of the beautification of this area. Gardens, open gyms, lakes, etc are generously scattered around. The walking/jogging track around this lake, also built by them, used to be my favourite but I now prefer to take the road with my running buddies. I like watching senior citizens take a stroll, kids playing and people walking their dogs here though.

Rains, thoughts and my balcony_avibrantpalette

Rains cater to the romantic in me but as a parent, they bring in mixed feelings too. Standing on my balcony now, I’m suddenly exasperated and mildly incensed. The lush green of the trees, the cool rainy breeze, and the melodic pitter-patter do little to ease my nerves. He has done it again. Teenager A Jr, along with a couple of his friends, has gone cycling in the rain since early morning. It’s almost 11 am. I’m not sure whether he has eaten or how much cash he’s carrying. Our frantic calls have gone unanswered. My mind is flooded with exaggerated, hideous thoughts about his cycle breaking down, him getting hit by a speeding car, or falling off the bridge on the way. Yes I know, too melodramatic!

After some time I notice that the rains have mellowed down a bit and life has returned on the streets. Somewhere inside me, a derisive voice goes off. “Varsh, do you remember the time you went to Trimbakeshwar from Nasik on your old Kinetic Honda with your friends? It had rained the entire time and you hadn’t bothered to cover up. That family vacation when you stopped at a point on the Western Ghats while returning from Goa just to enjoy the heavily pouring rains? And oh yes, when you walked home with A, completely drenched, deliberately not opening your umbrella? Want me to go on? Chill girl, let him enjoy. Keep a hot cup of coffee ready and run him a hot bath when he comes. He’ll need both.” I try to silence it but it persists.

As if on cue, A Jr appears at the society gate below. He’s having a quick chat with his friends (getting their stories sorted, maybe?) before they part ways. My son, after all, he’s braving the obvious shivering and ruffling his wet hair, smiling gaily the entire time. All my apprehensions vanish in a jiffy. I take one last indulgent glance at him, the rains, and get in the house. How about pairing a cheese sandwich with his favourite strong frothy coffee, I think, and suppress a grin. Hopefully, a few years from now he’ll stand in the same balcony and relive this day differently. What are rains for, if not to evoke nostalgia?

rains,thoughts and my balcony_avibrantpalette
Cannot pass up this beautiful sunset picture from my balcony, right?

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26 thoughts on “Rains, thoughts and my balcony

  1. Rains are the time when the earth opens up her heart to receive the love from the heavens, it is a time for celebration for us folks raised from farming families, a time when crops will be lush and harvest promises to be good. Though rainfall is getting erratic thanks to climate change, the downpour still gives me a pleasant shiver and I do want to get drenched with no shoes on. This was lovely Varsh!

  2. Your vivid description of the Mumbai rains and the emotions they evoke is captivating. The way you share your concerns as a parent and then find solace in your son’s joyful presence is heartwarming. The nostalgia and reflections on your own past experiences add depth to the narrative. Well-written and relatable!

  3. Rains, thoughts and balcony delves into the apprehensions of every mom. We want to be so protective of our kids but we don’t realise that they are going to learn life lessons by themselves.Sharing your own biking experience and giving him leeway is a profound thought. Loved it.

  4. Your post was so lyrical to read and I could feel the magic and nostalgia that rains bring. Keep weaving many more beautiful memories with these pitter patter rains.

  5. It is always a love-hate relationship with rains. The romantic in you loves the sound of rain drops, the fragrance of the first rain and so on.However, the practical self hates getting the feet wet, and how rains can throw life out of gear. Sandy N Vyjay

  6. Rain brings a romantic in everyone I say! This time, I went down with my kid to enjoy the light drizzling, it took just a few moments and the drizzle turned into heavy shower. I panicked and pulled her inside, but she asked me to let is rest (the mom in me) and enjoy the moment. oh boy! We were soaked in rain for an hour and came back home with ear-to-ear wide smiles. Best day of my life.

  7. Triggers like these surely bring back all those happy-sad moments .. Monsoon , chai , friends , long drive and all comes alive when first drop of rain hits the forehead 🙂

  8. I can totally relate to your feelings and emotions both for the rains and as a parent for the child. I also like to sit in the balcony and look at the falling rain and go deep into my thoughts.

  9. I completely understand the love-hate relationship with rains! On one hand, there’s nothing quite as soothing as the sound of raindrops and the freshness it brings to the surroundings. On the other hand, it can be a hassle dealing with wet clothes, muddy roads, and the inconvenience of getting around. But despite the challenges, there’s something undeniably magical about rain that draws us in. It’s a beautiful reminder of nature’s power and the importance of finding joy even in the unpredictable moments.

  10. I have experienced Mumbai Rains and you expressed it beyond my imagination. Every single detail like mud from the flower pots and knocking on window panels makes me feel I am experiencing it first hand.

  11. Wow Varsha, your writing is so lucid and fine that I actually visualized the entire thing in front of my eyes. I love to sit by the window and enjoy the rains with my cup of tea and a book. My kids are small so I still don’t allow them much to play in the rain too much but they nevertheless, have their father to fullfill such demands.

  12. Rain bring so many memories of my childhood . I love rains but I hate dealing with wet clothes, muddy roads, and the inconvenience of getting around.

  13. I love rains & I think all of us mothers have thoughts like these especially when are loved ones dont answer our calls. So relatable & so beautiful 😍

  14. I remember my childhood days, school days and college days witnessing the rain and weaving my stories. As a pluviophile, I always welcome rain with my all. Rain helps me connect with my long lost self and bring her back to the land of dreams, once again. A very lovely post, Varsh. I am in awe of your vocabulary power. And yes, our rainy day scooty ride is waiting! 😀

  15. Your vivid description of the Mumbai rains and your experience on the balcony beautifully captures the essence of the moment. Indeed, the rain evokes a range of emotions, both romantic and mixed.

  16. Such a beautifully written piece! Your balcony sounds like a peaceful oasis during the Mumbai rains. The parental concerns are relatable, but it’s heartwarming to see your son’s joy. Cherish these moments, and nostalgia will only grow sweeter. 🌧️🌿😊

  17. Your compelling portrayal of the monsoon showers in Mumbai and the sentiments they stir is truly captivating. The manner in which you express your worries as a parent and discover comfort in your son’s exuberant presence is genuinely heartening.
    Being in India during the monsoon season this year, I can completely understand and empathize with your sentiments and emotions, both in relation to the rains and the experiences of being a parent.

  18. Thats a magical post and I really loved reading it as I love the rains and I too stand on my balcony watching the rains fall . I turn little poetic when rain drops touch my soul making me feel I am loved and blessed in life.

  19. The vivid imagery of the rains and your emotional journey in your blog post struck a chord with me, reminding me of my own nostalgic moments during the monsoons. Beautifully expressed!

  20. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. I remember going on scooter rides with my husband when it used to rain. We used to enjoy it thoroughly although we used to get blown up by the elders.

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