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The new kids in our life

“All the flowers will be in my room!”Angel declared excitedly while scurrying towards the plant shop. We had been discussing about getting some much-needed greens and colours for our new home the previous day. With five balconies, the possibilities with space and choice was immense. There was so much we could do! While A bowed out and left me to decide alone, the kids offered to tag along. My darlings, you see. 🙂

Moving into our new home has given us more joys than I can articulately put into words. The many compromises we made in our lifestyle didn’t bother me as much during all these transient years. What I sorely missed was not having any plant in our rented home to give my love and attention to. Even the quintessential Tulsi hadn’t survived our hippie life, twice. It was heartbreaking. 🙁

Involving the kids in this activity turned out to be an excellent fun learning experience. I was amazed at the inputs A Jr gave about the exact places we could set the plants in. Angel, with her newly acquired knowledge of colours, put her foot down and made me buy a yellow rose sapling to begin with. Standing in the shop, I felt as baffled as I do when there’s a flat 50% off sale. I wanted just about everything! 😛

A week later, some of them have grown new leaves and buds. The yellow rose now has an orange neighbour. The Mogra is growing slowly but provides enough flowers for my home temple. The money plant, while not financially beneficial, is growing faster than everyone else. The plants in the hanger are new and trying to fit in. The curry leaves plant, in absence of his coriander friend, looks morose. I must make him smile again, soon.

Watering the plants with Angel is a ritual I look forward to every morning. The innocent smile on her face while seeing them grow is truly captivating. She talks to the plants, caresses them and asks them to be good. What more, she even asks A Jr to do the same. His rolling eyes and irritated look after that are hilarious! 😀 😛

Feeling closer to nature and their heath benefits aside, these plants have brought an amazing positivity in our home. We feel responsible for them, cherish them and treat them as family. We worry about their nutrition as we’re concerned about our own. They might’ve joined us late but have quickly become a part of our lives. They are kids to my kids too. Isn’t it cute? 😀 😉

23 thoughts on “The new kids in our life

    1. Thanks a lot, Anagha. Cheerfulness is the right word. I’m hoping to make my household a welcoming and warm place with the love and positivity I feel in our new home. Your comment is heartwarming. 🙂

  1. It is indeed fun to move into a new house and decorate it with plants. Being surrounded by vegetation is also supposed to have health benefits. Unfortunately I live in an apartment and there is not much chance of this happening.

    1. I live in an apartment too, Jai. I have a dream of decorating my home with as many indoor and outdoor plants as I can. We’ve set out these planters in the grills in our balcony and some hanging pots. Indeed there are health benefits. This is a fun activity involving every one of us and that is one of the best things as a family.

  2. What a beautiful, feel good post. I so relate to you and your kids love for plants. We are plant buffs too and have surrounded ourselves with them, in all of our balconies and the terrace.
    I love how Angel talks to the plants. ?

    1. It is something I missed all these years, Natasha. I’m so glad I have people like you around me who value this experience as much as I do. Which plants do you have? Shall we exchange notes? I’m all ears to know!
      Angel feels connected with them and I love it. I think this is how we can make the next generation learn about ecological balance.

      1. We grow a variety of plants from flowering ones like Frangipanis, Gardenias, Nine ‘o clocks, Passion flowers, Bougainvilleas, to name a few. Never tried Roses, I think we did long back but were not very successful with their blooms.

        We also grow fresh, chemical free vegetables and fruits like grapes, lettuce, rocket leaves, celery, mint, spinach, tomatoes, bitter gourd, aubergines, pak choy, chulai and poi saag, curry leaves, lemon; to name a few.
        I and the DH are passionate about all things green. :)))

        Gardening is a beautiful grounding exercise and it’s so lovely to know Angel has started off early. 🙂

        Let’s talk in details about this. I’m at natashawrites@gmail.com. Will send you my number, once you email me.

        Happy Gardening :))

  3. Plants are the best friends and works as the best decor item in the house. I simply love gardening and crazy about plants and flowers. I could so relate to the excitement you had while getting these plants for new home. Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your new abode.

  4. Indeed plants are lovely. I love my little garden in backyard and one we are now making on the baren land in front of our house, It makes you feel fresh and happy.

  5. Its a really good way to make children involved in household work. It makes them responsible and improve decsion making abilities

  6. Nothing can be more beautiful than green plants and flowers on them. It’s the same for me when I visit a nursery and wish to bring every blooming plant at home.

  7. Oh that’s very warm. I can so relate with this piece. My son too is very fond of watering plants in my balcony and we do this together.

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