The tag of eights!

Reflections had tagged me yesterday with this tag of 8’s. I was amazed at how fast I could come up with the answers! It indeed took a lot of imagination and hair-pulling but I managed to get all of them!

8 TV shows I like to watch:
1.Friends, Seinfeld – All-time favourite, love Jason Alexander. Absolutely!
2.Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai
3.Boston Legal/Criminal Minds – anyone that I can catch up
4.Balika Vadhu (though I’m fast losing interest)
5.Any channel playing old songs (preferably Mohd Rafi, but nevertheless)
6.Movies on Zee Studio, Star Movies or HBO
7.Any documentary on aquatic wildlife on Discovery or National Geographic
8.Any channel like CNN IBN or NDTV for about an hour in the evening for daily news update.

8 favourite places to eat:
1.Ofcourse home-cooked food made by my mother or mother-in-law, they’re both effortless experts, simply superb.
2.Lemon and Chilli, Mumbai– I love the ambience of this place. Perfect for family getaways. The food is overpriced, but once you’ve tasted it you won’t mind shelling out those extra bucks, anytime.
3.Golden Chariot,Mumbai– We’d been here for my birthday. We ordered Chinese food, and it was delicious. With some vodka on the side, it was the perfect recipe for a perfect evening!

4.Vihar, Nasik– Here you get the best Missal Pav in the world. Being a lover of spicy food, it was a treat for me. Our gang of friends used to hit this place very often. I miss it a lot now.
5.Everyone knows that the favourite snack/diet of every Mumbaiite is the famous Vada-Pav, and I’m no exception. Every time I’m in Dadar, as soon as I get out of the station, the first thing I do is, have the Jumbo Vada-Pav.
6.There’s this unassuming place in Indore that’s very famous for its ‘Ghamandi Lassi’. You have to taste it to know why the ‘ghamand’, if at all! It’s thick, very creamy and served in a big glass. I bet you can substitute it for a full meal. It’s just too good!
7.Dosa Plaza, Vashi– He serves the widest variety of dosas I’ve ever seen. They are innovative and very tasty. We frequent this place.
8.Natural’s Ice creams– The real taste of fruit in them makes them an instant favourite.

8 things I look forward to:
1.Immediately, my Aunt-in-law’s visit in January. Great bonding time for the whole family.
2.Getting our own dream flat in Mumbai.
3.Spending some quality time with my husband.
4.Doing anything in my capacity in the field of education, teaching in schools or taking tuitions!
5.Having at least one day when I won’t have to do any of the domestic chores.
6.To fit in and look good in one of those elegant and flowy party-wear evening gowns!
7.Participating in and winning a Sudoku championship.
8.Having a worry-free old age, with good health and enough money to go by.

8 things that happened yesterday:
1.Performed my daily pooja in the morning.
2.Had a heart-to-heart almost hour long chat with an old friend, after ages!
3.My son, Arush threw the TV remote in the water. Obviously, every time I needed to switch the channel or adjust the volume I had to parade to the TV set. Sigh! 🙁
4.Talked with Mom on the phone for around half an hour to make plans for my visit next month.
5.Watered the plants. The rose buds will bloom in a day or two.
6.Our neighbour’s kids came to our place to play with Arush, and needless to say, turned our home into a battlefield look-alike.
7.Arush just won’t sit in the house, so I took him to the balcony and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was lovely.
8.Lots of pending laundry, took up a lot of time!

8 things I love about winter:
There are no winters in Mumbai! Before I shifted here though, I’d experienced very cold winters. So I’m writing from that point of view..
1.Of course, cuddling in the blanket and refusing to get up!
2.I loved to create that smoke when our breath frosts in the cold morning air.
3.Enjoying that hot cuppa coffee or tomato soup in those chilly evenings.
4.Getting to take out and wear all those stuffed away woolen winter wear.
5.Those endless family chats at night since everyone’s at home!
6.Warming up our hands on that fire we lit up with those dried leaves and paper in the veranda.
7.I had a bad cold every time, and I loved the pampering I got!
8.My mother made those laddus to be eaten in winter, full of dry-fruits and very tasty.

8 things on my wishlist:
1.Learning at least one classical form of dance.
2.To write a book and get it published too!
3.I want to try rock-climbing and bungee jumping (tough, since I have vertigo, but it’s exciting even to watch!).
4.Going for a world-tour with my husband.
5.To learn swimming and go for diving in the sea during my world-tour! 😛
6.Getting lifetime supply of custom-made diamond jewellery for myself, for free 🙂
7.A place in the heart of people I know and love, now, and even after I die.
8.To see the newspaper free of news on global terrorism, religious extremism and child abuse. I worry what kind of life the next generation’s going to have 🙁

8 things I am passionate about:
1.My family (quite predictable :))
2.Reading( books, editorials in the Sunday Times..)
3.Writing (poems, articles, blogs, anything..)
4.Dancing (I left my Bharat Natyam class halfway, wish I could complete it)
5.Music (it has a magical mood-altering effect)
6.Creative ideas (I get a creative attack and I just HAVE to focus my energies there. Making a frame, embroidery on a sari, decorating my home or just rearranging furniture, just about anything..!)
7.Husky voice! (I remember I used to deliberately have cold drinks during winter to have a sore throat) I’m crazy about Brendan Fraser’s and Johnny Depp’s husky voice 😉
8.I absolutely, completely, madly love the chocolate flavour of the gelato ITALIANO ice creams, especially Dark Chocolate. I can hog on it endlessly and shamelessly, without caring about my weight.

8 words or phrases I use often:
1.Actually I think..
2.Yeah right/ Very funny…with the same sarcastic tone 😉
3.Bas chal raha hai
4.I know/ You know
5.Bechari to main hoon..
6.Chal re..
7.Shut up!
8.That non-stop baby-talk with my son..

8 things I learnt from the past:
1.Never say never, you may need to eat your own words.
2.There’s nothing called lasting relationships, with friends or foes.
3.When in doubt, don’t let people clutter your mind further. Trust only your instincts.
4.Patience is a virtue. Always remember.
5.Learning to let go is easier than holding on to unpleasant memories.
6.If used in moderation, aggression too can do you good.
7.If anything happened against your wish, it was God’s way of telling you that you wished for the wrong thing.
8.Go to shop in malls only when there’s a sale or you’ll end up buying one thing in the price of two 😛

8 places I would love to go, visit or see:
1.Swami Vivekanand Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari
2.Louvre’ Museum, Paris.
3.Rome and Venice,Italy. (Just to see the fascinating architecture with my own eyes)
4.A month long trip to Kerala backwaters.
5.The view from the top of Eiffel Tower, Paris.
6.Disneyland! Want to take my son there, enjoy the rides and myself become a child again!
7.One of those underwater aquariums. Minnesota, New Zealand, anywhere…
8.Any of those typical Buddhist maths, I want to see how they are from inside.

8 things I currently need or want:
1.Lose weight, badly.
2.A separate bed for Arush, he keeps pushing me off the bed in sleep!
3.My skin needs immediate attention, a good facial or something.
4.A full-fledged course on ‘Art of Living’ or just meditation!
5.I’m trying for a freelancing or part-time job, hope I get one soon.
6.Huge backlog of movies I’ve missed, want to clear it up.
7.A house-maid who won’t crib and complain, and would actually do some work.
8.A break from my mundane routine, which I’m going to get soon 🙂

Now that was something!! Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a blog from me in a longgg time!! We never really give so much of thought to all these things.

Now, lemme see, who else I want to go through this?? I tag..





5.I scribble here




8 thoughts on “The tag of eights!

  1. Thanks for the tag. 🙂 Will take it up soon. And we are so much on the same lines as far as eating habits go. I might as well copy your eight things while doing the tag 🙂

  2. Wow its already up…….that was quick;-oLOL@ Bechari to main hoon..have to see where I can incorporate into my conversations;-DAnd ghamandi icecream sounds cool;-)A lifetime supply of custom-made diamond jewellery for myself, for free :)…wow thts like…..WOW!!!!Thanks for taking up the tag, for a first-timer u've done it beautifully:-)!!!!!!!

  3. Varsh do I still need to comment on this post or the comments I gave while chatting yesterday are fare enough 😛 hehehehThanks for that "heart-to-heart" chat mention sweetie 🙂 YAY to our 15 years eventful friendship 🙂

  4. Thank you Varsh for tagging me.I'll try to do the tag as soon I can make it.Looks like I'll need a lot of peeping in my heart,mind and every pocket of my memory to do this tag.Keep up the good work.Cheers!!

  5. @G: Dont tell me you like to have vada-pav and missal too! When we go out for dinners my husband says I've got weird choices…now I'm gonna tell him I have company 😉 Finish it up soon…I'm curious to see more answers from you now :)@ Reflections:Hey I'm glad you liked my answers :)You know its tough, but somehow I got the answers quickly. And I got one idea…tantadannnnnnnnn!!! :PWhy dont we try out a combo of ghamandi lassi and gelato icecream which we can call ghamandi icecream!! What say??@ Nu: Ofcourse I meant you dear..and I'm so glad that even after knowing each other for so long and having so many gaps in between, our friendship's the same..rocking!!@ Chatterbox: Take your own time dear..I'll look forward to it..I wanna know what all answers that creative story-telling mind can come up with! All the best!

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