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I’m an independent writer and proud of it!

“The world would be a better place if we realised that we have no one else to please but ourselves.” ~ Varsh. More often than not we evaluate our worth from others’ opinions of us. We try to find validation from the hope that our contributions are being noticed and crave approval from them. However, what truly matters is how content we feel with our lives and choices. Whether you’re a working mother, freelancer, or dedicated homemaker, it’s nobody’s business to preach or teach you. If you’re independent and are inspired to do what makes you happy, you’re doing great!

A few years ago, I shed my belief that marriage, kids, and approaching midlife implied that working opportunities had dried up for me. Blogging came as a welcome respite and with time my blog became my best friend. It calmly listened as I ranted, celebrated my small successes with me, saw me grow as a writer, and waited patiently for me to come back after every break. Thanks to our lovely blogging community and monetisation, it’s now a brand of its own. I’m back to being financially independent and enjoying respect not only from others but in my own eyes too. That’s a lot to say, right?

However, as harsh as it may sound independent writers don’t get their rightful due, especially women. The struggle to churn out quality work and meet deadlines is often coupled with prejudiced jabs from others. “Does it pay well?”, “Surely you are free, you’re at home.”, “You don’t have to travel like us.” and similar such thorny judgements are routinely laid out in our way. Do we let them get to us though? A big NO! The perks of writing are for us to know and for them to wonder about.

I'm an independent writer and proud of it!_avibrantpalette

Why do I like being an independent writer and feel proud about it? Read on!

Freedom to choose my work

Writing is a creative process and not everything fits our writing style or profile. I’ve enjoyed working with brands and people who give me the freedom to express myself while adhering to their brief.  It’s challenging at times since professional articles deserve a different discipline and approach. This gives me a handle on my quality of work and also ensures that I get and give good backlinks.

Flexibility in work hours

One of the things I least liked about being a Mumbaikar was travelling. Most of my productive time was wasted on commute while once home domestic chores drained the life out of me. Independent writing allows me to sit with my laptop at 5 in the morning or till 2 at night if I want to. Since I know the topic I’m writing about I can mull over it while doing mundane work and tap away quickly when I’m on. And yes, I can catch a few comfortable winks too.

Answering to myself alone

We have heard stories about horrible bosses and probably lived them too. While it’s good to have someone supervise, guide, and motivate us, that is not always the case. Helicopter bossing can harm a person’s morale and even negatively affect his work. I’m glad not to have anyone hovering over my head for deliverables or pulling me down in front of my colleagues. Being my own boss and answering only to myself is the best motivation!

I’m worth it!

Independent writing is a responsible job and involves good knowledge about a variety of topics. From current affairs to lifestyle and finance to healthcare, one needs to perform extensive research to write a decent, readable piece. The fact that I’m recognised, approached and consistently offered work is a testimonial that I’m good at it. If this doesn’t make one feel proud then what will?

I’m a hands-on mother and a homebody at heart. I’ve long surpassed the urge to get into the rat race and am content getting paid to do what I love doing. Independent writing has given me wings and the courage to face the mirror with confidence every day. I can splurge without regrets and gift my family the love and happiness I feel within and for myself. Perfect life, isn’t it?

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17 thoughts on “I’m an independent writer and proud of it!

  1. You are write one can mull overt he topic through out the day and just express it when laptop is open. Being independent writer has its own perks that only writers like us would understand.

  2. It can’t get more Candid and genuine than this. It is as if you spoke my heart buddy, could relate to each word and feel exactly the same.

  3. Candidly exprtessed,Varsha. I have heard well-known authors too are given a time frame to churn out a book.That would be stifling. How do you make enough money from writing> Please share if you can as I am struggling?

  4. Self awareness and loving every moment of it…. this is so awe-inspiring, Varsha. Love that you know your natural strengths and innate abilities and have developed your skills as an independent writer. More power to you, girl!

  5. Varsha, I completely agree that independent writing has given us wings and the confidence to look in the mirror every day. It’s as if you’ve spoken my mind. Despite the fact that I am not making enough money from it, I am addicted to it and enjoy it.

  6. Blogging gives so much self satisfaction and contentment. I used to feel dependent not only financially but for my emotional needs as well until I had not started blogging. I never stopped even when there wasn’t any money coming in. And now things have changed. I have realised money is just a by product. Once you enjoy what you do, money follows.
    You are such an awesome and versatile writer, Varsha. I always enjoy reading your blog posts.

  7. It’s perfectly Ok to choose your path of happiness in any role you pick up and trust me you are doing so good!! Thanks for being a part of this blogtrain.

  8. You are doing great Varsha. Writing was your calling and you followed it. It’s important that we do what we really like and don’t get bogged down by what other people say or expect.

  9. Powerful expression! Writing is so relieving, very few get a chance to earn from what they love to do, why is it so hard for majority of people to understand this, I always wonder. I use to care a lot about the remarks I would get about my blogging job but over the years I feel so content with what I am doing that their words have stopped affecting me to a larger extent 🙂

  10. Life becomes magnificent when passion becomes one’s profession. And trust be only handful people are blessed to have this magical combo. If you are happy and contented with the things you are doing, nothing else matters in the world.

  11. It is so hard to make choices and be proud about the same, for many people I know. We are what we think and this gives me immense pleasure that my circle of friends are equally proud of their choices. What a lovely post, you have done justice to the prompt, Varsha.

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