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Preeti Shenoy: Author Session and Book Review

Inspiration has a way to find you, all you need to do is open your heart for it. Few days ago, thanks to #BlogchatterWritFest, I attended a session by amazing Indian author Preeti Shenoy. It was both a thrilling and informative experience for me since I’ve been following her since she was a blogger. With multiple books to her credit now, many of which bestsellers, she is undoubtedly amongst one of the most successful authors in our country. As someone who has been sitting on drafts for the longest time, this was the push I was looking for!


Preeti Shenoy was warm, chatty and affable during the session. She answered all readers’ questions patiently and in detail. Also, she shared some brilliant tips and was forthcoming in helping us understand how we must approach a piece of writing. Here are few of my takeaways from her session:

  • First and foremost, be prepared for rejection and don’t let it discourage you.
  • Fiction might not be real but make it realistic and believable for your readers.
  • Creativity in any form is good; be it writing, painting, doodling or anything else.
  • Believe in yourself. Share your work with your inner circle only when you’re ready.
  • Pen-to-paper relationship works well for an author. Doesn’t harm to try it out.

Little wonder that after listening to her I was itching to dive into her writing? I had bought her first book 34 Bubblegums and Candies, a collection of short stories inspired by her own life, long back and loved it. She revisited it with Love A Little Stronger in 2018 with new perspectives and some beautiful additions. I decided to relive that experience too and review Love A Little Stronger for my readers.

Love A Little Stronger is a collection of short stories and takes you through a myriad of emotions. On one side it tickles your funny bone while it tugs on your heart strings on the other. Preeti Shenoy has a unique writing style which gets her readers quickly invested in her stories. She says that her life is boring but going by the book its anything but. From crazy laughing fits with her friend to screams that gather neighbours at her door, she sure knows how to live it!

Some stories highlight her brilliant parenting methods while others bring out sibling love in its different colourful forms. As someone who has lost a parent, her stories about grief made me tear up. Lest I forget to mention, her gentle roasting of and ardent love for her husband makes one wonder what he’s made of! Wish I was a fly on her living room wall.

Preeti Shenoy has beautifully preserved snippets from her life with this book. I loved her conversations with her children and would like to have similar open communication with my kids too. Her innocent failed pranks, tongue-in-cheek humour and most of all, her ability to laugh at herself shows that our inner child gets old only if we let it. You’ll definitely reminisce parts of your own life through this book.

My rating: **** 4/5 stars

Book Details

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Available in: Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle Edition

You can order your copy of this book from Amazon.

My blog started as a journal for chronicling A Jr’s childhood and he has the best time reading my old posts about him. Who knows, inspired by Preeti Shenoy, I might have my version of 34 salads and soups in future? Wait, this sounds like a title for a recipe book, doesn’t it? Sigh!

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13 thoughts on “Preeti Shenoy: Author Session and Book Review

  1. Very nice post. I merely stumbled upon your journal and wished to mention that I even have extremely enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. finally I’ll be subscribing on your feed and that i am hoping you write once more terribly soon!

  2. .Thank you for your feedback. I think this is the kind of book I’m looking for right now; I’m looking for something sweet and straightforward, and this fits the bill. I love that the author’s life experiences are featured in this book, full of positive vibes and life lessons.

  3. It was a very informative and interesting session with Preeti Shenoy. The points she made are so true and inspiring for budding writers. Her point about being prepared for rejection is so pertinent.

  4. Your review gives a feeling that this book has an array of emotions and its going to be a great and emotional ride reading this one. Would love to pick this book on my next shopping.

  5. The book sounds very interesting. I would definitely love to read the short stories, specially as some bring out different parenting method.

  6. I have also attended her session Varsha and I second your thought that she was really nice and found her quite approachable while answering all the questions. This book also sounds interesting as we will see bit of her in these stories. Will pick up my copy soon.

  7. I love reading books with short stories and I have been looking for a good book. If you say Love A Little Stronger is 4 out of 5 then surely I am getting one to read. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Love A Little Stronger is the kind of book I’d like to read this summer. I have been hearing quite a lot about the short stories in this book, and can’t wait to see what the buzz is all about!

  9. “Wish I was a fly on her living room wall” – Now that’s hook! You got me intrigued and I am sure I’ll end up buying it and adding it to my TBR.

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