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The precious selfie with my hero :-)

“How to take a selfie?” was his first question after we made him switch his old Nokia phone for a smartphone. Part amused and part impressed (he knew the word!); we showed him the basic camera settings and requested him to explore more on his own. Soon enough his Whatsapp dp (courtesy my brother) had his selfie from a recent trip to Balaji. Fast learner, huh! Ladies and gentleman, that’s my father for you. 🙂

Wrapping my tiny finger around his, I took my first step. He made perfect sense of my incoherent blabbering and smiled wide at my attempts. He paved the way for me and I followed with complete faith in him. He was and is, my hero. He’s the one person I look up to for inspiration, support and a sense of security. The best thing to absorb from him though is his willingness to accept change and learn new things.

Mom’s passing away was devastating for us but the brilliant way in which he handled himself and us back then, and does even now, is truly remarkable. Her failing health had made it impossible for him to travel anywhere for more than a few hours or a day at the most and he’s making up for it now by taking trips as and when the mood strikes!

I took this selfie with him when he visited us during Christmas vacations last year. Not the one who knows rest, he insisted on going out every single day he was here. He was never a lover of shopping but has graciously taken over the mantle of pampering us with goodies from Mom (see the mall background?). I sense her getting grumpy since he rarely smiled in any of his pictures with her. 😛 Daughters are a different love altogether, aren’t we? 🙂

Out of the countless selfies I’ve taken, this one with my Dad is hence my favourite. Capturing special moments with our special people can now be a better and meaningful experience with Mobiistar with its dual selfie camera and affordable technology with limitless enjoyment. You can now get the perfect selfie with lesser efforts and get precious good quality keepsakes of your memories.

Are you a selfie person too? I bet you have a fun selfie story to share. Go on, tell me. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The precious selfie with my hero :-)

  1. Beautiful.. he looks so happy.. please do pass my regards ..

    Na i am not a fan of selfies.. makes me look ugly ???? … nit that there is any change otherwise too…

  2. Finally you father can take selfies! awesome. I can totally relate this post. My father also used to ask me to teach him how to handle a smartphone.

  3. Oh lovely post! Pass on my regards to him!

    I am not a selfie person at all. In fact, I hate selfies aaand people who force me into one with them ?

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