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  1. Hahaha! They sure will dance, maybe not on tamma tamma, but yeah, the will dance! lol

    1. It happens to be her favourite song, so perfect for scaring/bribing. ????

      Hey Harsh, what was your result?

      1. I got perfect 10!!! I was so happy that I even wrote a whole post about it to capture those moment!! ????????????

        1. Oh!! Congrats, dear. I missed the post. ????
          You are an all-rounder! So proud of you. ✊????????????????

          1. No worries Di!!
            Thank you very much!!!! ????????????
            You may read whenever you like, it’s a bit funny post! Lol

          2. Let me go check right now. I can use some laughs, anytime. ????????

          3. Hey, which one is it? There are many that I haven’t read.

          4. The story time! ????????

          5. Sorry for that post Di! ????

          6. Why sorry, Harsh?

          7. I have never ever written something romantic like that, and when I posted it for the first time, you comment made me feel sorry about it, so I put it down. ????
            No worries, I wrote something and I think it’s better! Thanks! ????

          8. Arre baba…when did I say it wasn’t good? May be I take you for a kiddo and now you are growing up. ????????

          9. ???????? Haha! It’s nothing like that. I guess I am glad to be a kiddo for now! ???????????? So don’t you worry!

          10. ????????????????????????

  2. I am sure there are better songs to dance on then the tamma tamma one..????

    1. Thank you! Someone please tell her that. I’m made to see/listen to it so many times that my eyes and ears hurt now. The remix is terrible. ????????

      1. I know.. I heard it for 10 seconds and stopped it..

        1. The original one was too good. I loved the way they danced. This one is plain torture.

  3. Hehe! Good one ????????

    1. Thanks, Radhi. ????????????

  4. Morning tamma tamma… so night brushing..?
    Poor princes..????

    1. Any time of the day, much to my dismay now, tamma tamma it is. ????????????

      1. ????

  5. Hehe…what a lovely confession and an equally adorable question. But, Varsha, do the germs still dance to Tamma Tamma. may be they ought to move on. 😉

    1. I hope they do move on, Perfy. Until another ear-splitting noisy song comes along, this one will probably stay. Have to get punished with my own bad imagination till then. ????

      1. May be Tamma tamma will force us to get it away… nazar se door ho ja

        1. Oh my. ????????

          1. ????????????

  6. Hehehe….tamma tamma… 😀 Reminded me the dance number tamma tamma… 😀

    1. Oh you’re right. It does mean the same song! ????????

  7. Kids are way too cute. My toddler (18 months) copies me in everything i do.

    1. Wow. Kids are adorable at this age. Enjoy your time with your toddler. ????

      1. You can check out my recent blog, I’ve written for babies and toddlers.

        1. Sure

  8. This is so very cute. Perhaps I will show it to my two year old because she is occasionally reluctant to brush her teeth. I think the cartoon might help.

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