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Confessions of a toddler #11


I brush my teeth everyday, otherwise…

Mamma says the keedu (germs) in my teeth will do Tamma tamma (dance)!! :-/

Is that true? 🙁

~ Confession of a worried toddler

35 thoughts on “Confessions of a toddler #11

          1. I have never ever written something romantic like that, and when I posted it for the first time, you comment made me feel sorry about it, so I put it down. ????
            No worries, I wrote something and I think it’s better! Thanks! ????

    1. Thank you! Someone please tell her that. I’m made to see/listen to it so many times that my eyes and ears hurt now. The remix is terrible. ????????

    1. I hope they do move on, Perfy. Until another ear-splitting noisy song comes along, this one will probably stay. Have to get punished with my own bad imagination till then. ????

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