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The Fault in our Stares #Barathon Day 1

They sometimes talk too much

And sometimes, tad too little

They are comforting on occasion

And on other times, commit treason

The look in a hungry child’s eyes

At the sight of a morsel of food

Or the naughty way to suggest

That tonight, I’m in the mood

Stealing deliberate glances at someone

Who currently rules over our heart

Or putting an argument to rest

With a look to tear the other one apart

It can be used to discipline anyone

Without raising a finger or word

It is a compliment if you make it one

Or makes one’s thoughts a sort of discord

We may as well call it ‘the fault in our stares’

For a person judges us by mere look

The world isn’t made of black or white

So think once, the person needn’t be a crook.

This post has been written as a part of #Barathon on Blog-A-Rhythm

Today’s prompt: The Fault in our Stares


19 thoughts on “The Fault in our Stares #Barathon Day 1

        1. Wow, such a lovely compliment for me. You are such a dear. It probably comes out of my scant patience for long posts. I get lost reading, so writing more is tougher. ????

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