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Make your kids enjoy learning with #AppyStore

“These belonged to me, but you can have them now.” said A Jr and generously offered Angel his big cd folder which had every single cd he had owned (or I gifted him?) ever since he was a year old. Nursery rhymes, prayers, stories, alphabets, numbers and what have you, it was all there!

It was a glorious moment for me as a mother since my kids had figured out the organic process of learning and ‘handing over the baton’ all by themselves. Yet, admittedly, the inherent problem of carrying around a laptop for their anytime ‘cd craving’ wasn’t appealing to me still. Couldn’t something handier be invented to suffice it?

I was hence delighted when my predicament was answered with the AppyStore app! The best and most helpful part for me was the Audio feature for children below 2 years of age. Not only was it the perfect tool to help Angel learn on-the-go; everything from educational material and nursery rhymes to fun facts about our world and social awareness was available at my fingertip.

I’m a hands-on mother and always try to make my kids aware of themselves and their surroundings by talking to them. However, over time I’ve realised that this one-way teaching method may turn into a sermon and the child may lose interest quickly. What grabs a child’s attention is visual and hearing aids like animation and music and it helps if early education has munificent doses of both!

The AppyStore app addresses this perfectly by fusing colourful lively music videos with simple fun learning techniques for children which aid in overall mental and physical development of the child. Even if the child doesn’t talk or sing, the tune registers in its mind and can get recalled easily later.

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Parents like to enrol their kids for short or long fun summer camps depending upon the time left after their elaborate travel plans during summer vacations. AppyStore has made summer camps a convenient affair by organising online summer camps which can be attended hassle-free from anywhere and don’t hamper any other arrangements. Registration is simple and easy.

Since the kids will be back-to-school in June, AppyStore app will serve as an excellent refresher and supplement the kids’ learning before stepping back to the school.

As part of this review I received some attractive and fabulous age-appropriate worksheets for both A Jr and Angel and they loved and attacked them with gusto! While Angel’s colours spilled far beyond the boundaries, A Jr solved all questions accurately. Any which way, both were mighty impressed with themselves. I was a proud mother, yet again.


If you’re a parent who believes in letting their kids enjoy themselves while learning a thing or two, this app is just for you. I witnessed an intimate sibling bonding developing between my kids while spending time with the app and it was a lot more than what I had expected from it. It is definitely worth trying out.


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