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Tears of calm


Her calm demeanour startled him.

“Are you alright?” he asked alarmingly.

She looked at him, but tears blinded her.

“I hope I misread it.” she hoped.

“What’s done is done, dear.” he said.

She wished she could travel in time and turn it around.

Or, read the newspapers in time for a flat 50% sale.

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  1. She doesn’t look calm.

    1. The picture is after the time machine realisation! ????
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Flat 50% sale..lol…

    1. LOL ????

  3. Hahaha…:-D I strated reading thinking it to be something else!

    1. I started writing as something else too, then thought to end it on a humurous note. ????

  4. hahaha…50% sale…cheers

    1. ????????????

  5. See it’s not something to laugh about. It’s a very serious topic, and we should stand by the depressed and discomfited lady.
    😀 😀

    1. Hahaha…ofcourse! I totally empathise with her. Only the stone-hearted could laugh over such genuine tears. ????

  6. Loved the twist in the end????

    1. Thanks for reading Akansha. ????

  7. Haha….look at the tears wasted on that ‘missed’ 50% sale. LOL

    1. So much of regret na…poor poor lady. ????

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