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Special Days #NaBloPoMo day 19

Me: *reading the newspaper this morning and excited* Hey, today is International Men’s Day!

A: *offhandedly* Yes, I saw.

Me: *still excited* Wish you a Happy International Men’s Day! So, what special plans for today?

A: *still not looking over his newspaper* What special? It’s a regular day.

Me: *coaxing* Come on! *very dramatically mimicking Monica from Friends* I will cook anything you want in here, and do anything you want in there!

(Hope you get the context. Can’t elaborate further, sorry!) 😉

A: *finally looking up and laughing* You know, today is World Toilet Day too. Why don’t you suggest something special for it too?

Me: *truly baffled* Huh? Umm, we need to care about personal hygiene and stuff?

A: *amused* Okay, so on other days we are allowed to be filthy?

Me: *slightly incensed and giving my watch-your-tongue look* What are you trying to imply? 😒

A: *sweetly* Every day is special, my dear. That’s all.

I get his point, but won’t can’t consent to it, for sake of my bruised ego understandable reasons.

Me: *flaring nostrils* Hmpf!! Go! 👿

I try to fake offence and, bewildered, walk out of the room myself. He is laughing hard and repeating, “What did I do now?”

Funny that I’m reminded of this? 😀

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  1. hahahaha…well written….cheers to A! may every moment be special..forever

    1. Hahaha…thanks Hari. Hope so too! ????

      1. it will be!!

        1. Amen! ????

  2. Haha, Sir A has a great sense of humour…
    How are you Di? And Angel and A jr.?

    1. Haha…that he does. Especially when he has to pester me with them! ????
      We are all good. Where have you been? Busy with studies?

      1. Yeah, exams are over now.. so let me give you a virtual party! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        1. Wah wah…kya baat hai! Aur meri workout ka kya hoga…abhi main serious ho gayi hun…ekdum serious ????????????

          1. Do virtual workout… haha!
            Did you read what I posted just now?

          2. No I didn’t. Let me go see. Haha…virtual khaungi to shayad virtual workout bhi kar sakti hun. ????????

  3. Hahahah – total riot 😛 I’ve had this argument with my mom all the time…all days are special! 🙂

    1. Lol! Tell me about it. This argument never ends! Going over to the link now.

  4. funny.. but yes, he is correct.. what is speacil in a particular day..? enjoy all moments..

    1. It is just an excuse. Else how can people celebrate Toilet days and all! 😁

  5. Oooooh maybe he wants that to be everyday ????????????????????

    Can’t elaborate…ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. May be. The guy is really a mystery still! ????????????????

      1. Errrrrr no
        .. what more can the guy say.. when he says…

        Each day is special… ????????????

        1. Ya ya…you will take the guy’s side! ????????????????

          1. Areeee just saying what I read…

          2. Hahahaha…its ok baba. Everyday is special, but an excuse to celebrate is just as good right?

          3. Well celebrate then.. ????????????.. he he he he

          4. ????????????

  6. LOL! That was hilarious! I’m totally totally with A. Every day is a good enough day to celebrate whatever is that you want to 🙂

    1. I’m not a crazy believer of these days too…come to think of it…there’s 365 days in a year! Don’t we Indians have enough festivals already? ????
      It was a way to pamper him…like I make him do it on Women’s Day. The guy missed the context and the chance. His loss! ????

  7. hahaha 🙂 Love the humor, love the entire conversation and the message. Hope you have a beautifully beautiful day too, toilet and men’s day included!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Perfy! All the best potshots are taken at me early in the morning,when I’m groggy anyway. Hmpf! Have a lovely day you too! ????

  8. Ha ha…friends have a scene for every situation 😉

    1. They sure do!! ????

  9. Hehehe Varsha… such a relatable incidence! I feel it would be the same across all the houses across the globe, for sure! Men are men!!!

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