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Special Days #NaBloPoMo day 19

Me: *reading the newspaper this morning and excited* Hey, today is International Men’s Day!

A: *offhandedly* Yes, I saw.

Me: *still excited* Wish you a Happy International Men’s Day! So, what special plans for today?

A: *still not looking over his newspaper* What special? It’s a regular day.

Me: *coaxing* Come on! *very dramatically mimicking Monica from Friends* I will cook anything you want in here, and do anything you want in there!

(Hope you get the context. Can’t elaborate further, sorry!) 😉

A: *finally looking up and laughing* You know, today is World Toilet Day too. Why don’t you suggest something special for it too?

Me: *truly baffled* Huh? Umm, we need to care about personal hygiene and stuff?

A: *amused* Okay, so on other days we are allowed to be filthy?

Me: *slightly incensed and giving my watch-your-tongue look* What are you trying to imply? 😒

A: *sweetly* Every day is special, my dear. That’s all.

I get his point, but won’t can’t consent to it, for sake of my bruised ego understandable reasons.

Me: *flaring nostrils* Hmpf!! Go! 👿

I try to fake offence and, bewildered, walk out of the room myself. He is laughing hard and repeating, “What did I do now?”

Funny that I’m reminded of this? 😀

29 thoughts on “Special Days #NaBloPoMo day 19

    1. I’m not a crazy believer of these days too…come to think of it…there’s 365 days in a year! Don’t we Indians have enough festivals already? ????
      It was a way to pamper him…like I make him do it on Women’s Day. The guy missed the context and the chance. His loss! ????

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