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What is your story?

“Every one of us has a story to tell. Even the ones like you, who say they don’t.” I told A the other day while responding to a simple question posed by him, “Why do you write so much fiction these days?”

It’s true. Every one has been blessed by nature with an imagination that has led to the invention of wheel to the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci or the symphonies of Mozart to the poems of Keats. The only difference is who is prepared to let that imagination run wild and take its course and who chooses to let it simmer down and eventually meet its unfortunate death.

I haven’t yet explored this facet of my writing enough, but I must confess that playing God to a character gives me a definite high! The fact that I can turn someone’s destiny with simply a few hits on the keyboard makes me feel mighty and powerful. The best part though is having the liberty to develop and share the germ of an idea that keeps crawling in my head with people who can probably understand it.

For A, reading is strictly restricted to newspapers (How I get him to read my blog, only I know!) and he loves to share any piece of news that might interest me, since mostly he claims the copy first. With so many disturbing things happening in the world around us, many times he ends up with the expression, “How can anyone do this?”

Which brings me to the question I asked A, and would also like my readers to help me with. Since A doesn’t read much, he bowed out of it. My readers, I assume, would be more forthcoming.

What is more disturbing for you; a violent story complete with deceit and gore, or a similar true story where the bloodshed has actually taken place?

For argument sake let us keep this limited only to printed medium. In my opinion, truth does sometimes influence our thoughts and limits, but gore of any kind is just as disturbing. Did you read my Mahabharata post?

What is your take on this?

12 thoughts on “What is your story?

  1. Well to be truthful deceit. . Violence ..bloodshed have become quiet a norm in this modern world.

    I would prefer a nice smooth true story .. The world needs love..

    But answering your question true stories please. .

    1. The world does need love, but looking at the current scene not sure how long it will be before sanity and peace prevails…
      True stories…hmm then you are like A. Is this a guy thing? Me, I prefer killing people hypothetically than for real.

  2. If you are writing on today, writing something with warmth, love and hugs.. ! otherwise, anything you feel comfortable with . just write.. and I shall read, you know that don’t you without me saying it. 🙂 If I miss a post you know how to make me read that 🙂

    1. I try and keep the hate away…but what to do…sometimes a bad twist seems more appropriate for the story 😛
      I know you’ll read Pinsy…and I know you’ll give the right feedback for it…that’d why I look forward to your comments and love you. ????????

  3. Interesting take on fiction. I never thought in the angle that I was being GOD to some characters! Now I also feel powerful 😀

    To your questions, I wouldn’t mind violence and gore in fiction than in reality, because I find solace in the fact that it is fiction and not true.

    1. Haha…feels nice to why not make ourselves powerful right? We aren’t misusing it. ????
      True. Fiction can be ignored after a certain point. Facts stay with us. Thanks for your answer Samra. ????

  4. A true story is anyday more disturbing than any fiction…We are living in difficult much unpredictability is there..two days back i read about the high probability of “lone wolf attack” in Mumbai..getting killed (which translates to leaving your loved ones) for no fault of yours by some random strangers…and what about those left behind to deal with the pain..The mother of the girl (whose killers were yesterday sentenced to death) suffers from host of neurological issues…then two children losing life on independence day in delhi due to kite strings…such stories leave me numb..More a reason to treat each moment as gift and spread laughter, positivity and happiness…

    My wife is similar to your husband ???? I keep requesting her to read but to no avail???? Most times i have to read things to her when i am adament of telling some story to her????????

    1. How true Parijat. Looking at the cruel way in which people treat other it is the need of the hour to take a moment and appreciate the good things in life. Who knows what little we have of it left…
      Oh, A asks me if I posted, without fail everyday. The reading part is trying one for him. ???? Wonder why. ????

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