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Books, partners #NaBloPoMo day 21

Books are the best partners in bed.

They are undemanding, unapologetic.

They are the giving lovers we crave for.

They can arouse unspeakable sensations in you.

They are inherently innocent about what they convey.

They can appease a scorched heart with their stirring words.

They arenโ€™t great lookers always, but make the perfect inseparable companions.

30 thoughts on “Books, partners #NaBloPoMo day 21

  1. Noooooooooo…… books are a good partner in bed to the extent they aid in sleep…… but yes you may be right….. for the intellectual ones going to bed along with a book is perfect start of a night….. for normal people like us it is a perfect aid to get a good sleep……

    Though I read lot of books and have a library at home….. but I prefer other times… rest all if lively life….. life goes on and on and on…….

    1. Other than course books no book has put me to sleep yet. Choice of the book matters?
      I think a book is much more than something to read. It is a feeling of belonging and sharing something that is only between the reader and the book. It is sacred and precious.

    1. Well, I had thought that the ones who like to have a good share of their partners…no matter in which form they are…would connect with this analogy. ????
      Thanks for the comment Sid.

    1. Wow! Coming from you this is a huge compliment for me. I wanted to convey my deep regard for books for their sheer ‘giving’ quality which, at times, surpasses that of our real partners too. โ˜บ
      Thank you so much for the comment Shy. โ˜บ

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