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The Pervert Mind #NaBloPoMo day 15

He had been released two days ago.

It wasn’t his fault that soon after he saw her prancing around in her frilly dress and two ponytails.

Her cheerful smile was a clear invitation.

Why then was he charged with rape and sent to prison?

“It’s you, again!” said the psychiatrist, as he saw him again.

22 thoughts on “The Pervert Mind #NaBloPoMo day 15

  1. It looks like the Girl Invites the Man with her outfits and alluring smiles. So he cannot help his “feelings” and rapes her. And then the girl goes to a therapist for consultation . IS IT ?

    1. Noo! The guy comes out of prison and sees a girl playing innocently on her own, which he takes as an invitation. The guy is sent for therapy for raping her.

  2. I got it. And it left me in pain.
    Why the hell is he getting counselling? 🙁 She should, for when she grows up. He only deserves the what the hangman has to offer!

    1. The sad part is that these jerks don’t suffer as much as their victims. They might go to jail and come back, but the girl has to endure a living hell all her life.
      Indeed, they need to be hanged. That sadly doesn’t happen yet in our country.

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