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One line story #3


She knew she was inflicting pain upon herself, but detaching herself from him wasn’t in her control either.

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          1. Mornings actually work for me. Kids are still asleep, so no rush. When I have to do yoga, skipping or floor exercises I involve them. ????
            Mood is better. How did you make that out?

          2. So much telepathy! I’m actually glad. I thought no satellite was equipped to handle my signals. ????????
            Ya he is 8. Younger one turned 2 today. ????

          3. With such a strong telepathy I wonder how much excess info you must be receiving. ????
            I will wish her. Thanks! Planning to do a post for it but words seem to be unjustified. We had a party with my in-laws…complete with a cake kids and balloons… few days ago. Today it is just us. Dinner will be planned keeping her choices in mind. ????

          4. You are seriously fun(oxymoron?)! ????
            Puma runs too…but will take it slow. Let the lazy bones and stiff muscles get used to daily walking as of now. Then will alternate between the two.

          5. just like that! hahaha. telepathic pathway alle??
            (btw, my guys just asked me what was funny, when they saw me smile – i am holding a meeting now)me just about to post a quote after this meeting

          6. Hahaha…what did you tell them? I’m stuck right now. Can’t write. Will write in the afternoon now. Post and ping me plz. Will you?

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