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  1. Kids are mighty smart these days……we were so dumb at their age, believed every single word our parents told us ????????

    1. Seriously! One mention of the bhoot in the dark room and I would finish all my food or homework, whatever. Nowadays it doesn’t work. ????

      1. ????????
        Even new tactics to get something done works for initial few days only.

        1. Yes! It is hard to hide things because they remember everything. Also they see past all threats easily. 😣

          1. Well, we should be happier that our kids are smarter than us ????????

          2. Ya…silver lining. ????

          3. ????????

          4. ????????

  2. Yay to the fearless toddler. 🙂

    1. Haha…thanks Swaram. ☺

  3. Hahah! Fearless toddler indeed, as Swaram said :D.

    1. Haha..thanks Deeps! ???? That’s my 2yo girl Angel for you. Welcome here. ????

  4. Well we need to update ourselves on scaring techniques too!

    1. How true. I’m still looking out. Any suggestions?

  5. Buhahahaha. Sooper funny. Every kid these days are a reminder of how dumb we were as kids (the bright side is that we had an awful lot of innocence in us, which is missing these days in them).
    Way to go, fearless toddler!

    1. Agree completely! One mention of bhoot and I could be blackmailed to do anything. I shook in my shoes. ????
      Innocence these days is lost due to over-exposure I think. Little minds must be allowed to explore things, not burdened with them. What do you say?

      1. I say Aye!

        1. ????

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