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The Confession

This is my entry for Blogaddas WOW prompt ‘ She opened a blank notebook’

“I’m sorry.” The doctor said.

Sandhya had been expecting this. Her days were numbered now.

She left the hospital, remembering the day she had given them away.

She knew her children hated her, but they had to know her story too.

She opened a blank notebook to jot it down.

“Please forgive me…” she began.

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  1. She opened a blank notebook and started writing down her favorite recipes.????????

    1. ???????????? Ya…need a new one..I guess the last one she forgot in the oven by mistake. ????????????

      1. ???????????????? she kept the book in the oven and cake batter in the book shelf.

        1. ???????????? only when nothing happened for an hour did she realise that she hadn’t switched on the oven!????????????

          1. There was a power cut ya.????????????

          2. Ah! Load-shedding kya?? ???????????? hey, hope the heat doesnt bake the cake in the bookshelf!! ????????????????

          3. ???????????????????? it does, on sun.

          4. ???????????????????????? Thank God….or I would become a compulsive baker…err…batter maker ????????????

          5. ???????????????? if we all migrate to sun, we can save a lot of fuel used for cooking and transportation.

          6. Ha ha. Good idea. ????????????????

          7. ????????????????????????????????????????♨♨♨

  2. So what was her story?

    1. Umm..it was like looking back at the past. That’s it. Hopefully she has a happy present. ☺

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