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A Bold Challenge

He stared at the vastness

Fire in his eyes

Challenging it to break his spirit

His fragile body against the furious sea

The sound of his heart

Louder than the crashing of waves

The clouds above, laden with pain

It took away everything he had

“Take me too” he bellowed

Why was he left behind?


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  1. Powerful and beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you…for the comment and for stopping by. ☺

  2. I would have walked in myself.. ????????

    1. Are you serious? ????

      1. Yes. Life can do that sometimes no choice left.. but..

        Anyway how is ur weekend going on..

        1. Arre…such a fun-loving guy like you…things can be hard but you can’t give up!!! ✊✊✊
          Weekend is boring re…rains are not ready to stop. ????

          1. Oh no same here.. raining cats and dogs..

          2. It is depressing…stopped being fun long ago ????

  3. beautiful…..

    1. Thanks Sudhir. ☺

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