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An Apology

There is simply no apology for some things we commit or say in the heat of the moment. The truth is not always what we feel or see.

The only thing in our control is to seek forgiveness; all the while knowing that this compensating ointment won’t help much in healing our repentant bruises.

In our hearts we will always know that the stab of wronging someone can never leave us, even if they get past it and ask us to do the same.

I made a mistake, and I’m deeply sorry for it. I know I cannot take back whatever I said, but I promise to never ever let any suspicion cast a shadow on this priceless treasure we share.

One crazy person needs to take care of another. Two crazy ones are an explosive combination! We both know it and have to help each other move over these glitches.

Hope you agree with me. Please do. ????

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  1. This too shall pass x

    1. That’s the hope. Thanks Bridget. ☺

  2. Time too takes care of things some times. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much…for the wishes and the comment. ☺

  3. Yes true.. what you have said.. also sometimes even when we want to sorry or apologise we don’t have the courage to say it. Or the thought how you will look into the eyes and say sorry.. keeps one away from saying sorry. I am one of those ..

    I am sorry for what I have done but it’s the courage to go up to the person and sat it tat I am trying to gather at the moment.

    Take care ..

    1. It is easier to say sorry to people who aren’t too attached with for something silly that you might’ve done unknowingly. But when someone is close to you and is hurt because of you, sorry cannot make up for the damage done.
      Why do you think I wrote this post? I couldn’t muster the courage to do it in person. Simply forwarded this link and requested the person to read…
      Got a very sweet reply…this wasn’t needed…but I can’t really get over it.

      1. Yes I can understand. . Maybe I need to forward this post to a few who I want to say sorry tooo.

        1. Do that if you think it might help.☺

          1. No harm trying. .

          2. Ya..

  4. You are right, two crazy person are an explosive combination

    1. I wish we could see the craziness beforehand. ????

      1. So to avoid earlier????????

        1. Haha…time machine is still in the making I guess. ????
          And anyway, for this crazy one I can be crazy too. ????

          1. ????????

          2. ????????????????

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