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The things we left behind

At some point in our lives we’ve all faced, fought, conquered and moved over situations that stretched us to our limits and tested our ability to withstand any amount of pressure, hurt and disappointment.

While assuming we emerged victorious, I feel the dynamic process of ‘facing it’ is the simplest. The harder part is to live with ourselves and the battered remains of what broke us down in the first place. 

Can someone completely erase those punishingly harsh memories although they’re long gone? If those wounds are teased enough can they still arise out of ashes? Can we become the same person we were before?

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  1. We might not be the same person, but we will definitely be a better person ???? like they say, wounds may heal but scars remain…

    1. Yes. ☺ Assuming we learned something from them and became immune to them for future. ????

      1. Yes… ????
        Learning and being strong (if faced with a similar situation in future)

        1. Yes. ????????

          1. Look at us…talking sense of all things! ????????????

          2. Exactly. I sounded like a gyaani baba????????
            But once in a while we all should behave like a human isn’t it ????

          3. Ofcourse! We’re human and prone to all kinds of emotions. It doesn’t make us weak to not be the epitome of happiness I think. ☺

          4. The comment before this one, I typed something twice, deleted, again typed, I dint want to sound too serious. ????
            But nice topic to discuss. ????

          5. Isn’t it? Sound serious, I don’t mind. I know you have many layers beneath. ????????

          6. Haha. . You just made me feel like an onion.???????? Or cabbage. I like cabbages better than onions. Doesn’t make us cry at least????????

          7. ????????????????????
            I love cabbage. Onions I love only to eat. There’s a wonderful cabbage recipe I know of. You might like it.

          8. Yes please tell me .I will try it????

          9. Cut cabbage in big portions and keep aside. After the basic tadka add potatoes and mutter in the pan and slightly steam them. Add some salt to make it quick. Once they get tender add the cabbage and let it cook together. The important thing is to keep checking on it every 5 mins and mashing the cabbage in the pan as it cooks.
            When all the vegetables are cooked and in soft sabzi consistency add all masalas and garam masala. Let it cook for another 5 mins. Once it is done add raw ginger garlic paste and lots of coriander leaves to it.

          10. Raw ginger garlic is it? Doesnt it give out a raw taste to the dish? Or am I supposed to cook it for a while After adding the paste? I am going to try this recipe. What is this dish called? Vegetarian Haleem????? (Since mashing is involved)

          11. ????????????
            We call it mashed gobi…but haleem sounds tempting. ????
            Add the ginger garlic when it is still hot and mix it up quickly. Won’t taste as raw then. I tried both ways and adding it in the end gives a more tangy flavour.

          12. OK, I am going to try it????
            May be during the weekend… it’s bandh here right so for the next 2-3days no veggies or milk I guess . Even today all shops were closed. ????

          13. Ohh ????????????
            It is going to be hard. Hope it all gets better soon enough. Atleast for daily supplies these bandhs must be relaxed a bit. What will anyone achieve with it?

          14. Yes. Whether bandh or not, I am always on a holiday ????

          15. It tastes very good. Almost like Pav Bhaji wali bhaji. ????

          16. Here it is : things change, people change, everything changes. Change is inevitable. we might not look the same as we used to, 10years ago. But what we learn when things changed matters. How we cope up when something changes, or goes off the routine is what defines us.

          17. Exactly. Adapting to change is sometimes the only option left with us. Why not do it happily then? The things our parents handed down to us as values aren’t just theirs. They have changed a great deal with every generation.

          18. Very true varsha. Everybody keeps talking about getting out of comfort zone. It’s not just the routines that we need to break, even a life changing situation is kind of “out of comfort zone” because we need to think on different lines or perspectives. Might be a serious illness or death of a loved one, we will never be the same old ‘me’.

          19. Right. Changing doesn’t always have to be something others can notice, it is for ourselves. Something as simple as eating in a restaurant that serves non-veg food along with veg can also be moving out of comfort zone for someone. What I do have a problem with is people expecting you to change without knowing your limits or inclination.

          20. Yes. They want to mold us to the way they expect us to be. That is not change . And there are few who try to change us and then say “you were different when I first met you”????
            Compromises and change are different. But people always mistake compromises for changes. You compromise so that you adjust with someone, you change because you want to get rid of your old habits.

          21. Yes! I find so many people force their views on others and then talk about ‘bringing a change’. No one can be arm-twisted into agreeing with anyone’s point of view.
            Change is inevitable. We all change. I only like to believe that it works well for the people themselves. Others aren’t a concern

          22. Yes. Change so that others start liking us is more like being fake or not being ourselves .
            And about agreeing point of view, people think elders know it better than youngsters .not always true . I remember the fights I used to have with mum when I was a kid, she was like elders r always right and I used to argue saying no, just because someone is elder than me, it doesn’t mean they are right always.

          23. Ah, I got the same. My mom wanted me to listen to her everytime and we were never on the same page.
            I did mellow down a bit, only a bit, after I got married though. I still don’t accept something only for the sake of it but that doesn’t mean I don’t fiercely support someone when they are right.

          24. Yes, support when they r right, but not only because someone is aged.

          25. Right. Hope when my kids grow up I can let them be too. That’s one change I need to learn and make consciously. ☺

          26. ????????????

          27. So now we start the smiley chat ????

          28. ????????????????????

  2. And those things now make us say “I am so proud” in-front of the mirror,looking straight in the eye.

    1. Oh yes! Nothing is more reassuring then seeing our confident self in the mirror and saying it out loud, to ourselves.
      Thanks for the comment Kavita. ????

  3. Facing the harsh realities of life make us become better and stronger, looking at it from a positive side of view leaves no space for negativity to crawl in.

    1. I agree. Negatavity might’ve tried us but we have to grow beyond it and never let it come back again.
      Thanks for the comment eddaz. ☺

      1. You are welcome anytime.

        1. ☺☺☺

  4. Challenges in life can leave us bitter or make us better!!

    1. Wow…you summed it up so beautifully Radhika! ????????

      1. Thanks dear ????

  5. difficult but necessary!

    1. Indeed. ☺

      1. 🙂

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