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Think before you speak! 

It is a lazy Sunday morning. The kids are still asleep. It is a little late for it now but since I and A have been brought up with the Hindi film songs with Rangoli on Sunday mornings tradition; we are making up for it with Hindi film songs on one of the many music channels.

The morning newspaper, piping hot cup of tea and a plateful of Marie biscuits and khakras for company, both of us allow ourselves some rare leisure time. This is something that hasn’t changed over the years. The intimate silence is engulfing. 😍

Just then, Shahrukh Khan sings Suraj hua maddham…chaand jalne laga to the lovely Kajol on television. Since it is a dear favourite of both of us, we instantly take our eyes off Mr. Urjit Patel and PV Sindhu in TOI and fix our eyes on the screen.

While I get lost in the lovely locales (I love pyramids!) and wonder why Shahrukh didn’t care for a vest in the sheer shirts yet again, A starts jabbering about how beautiful Kajol looks and how elegantly she carries herself in the song.

“Look at her face. Only her eyes and lips have been done up. Ofcourse, there’s the basic makeup, but she looks so much prettier. They ruined her entire beauty in Dilwale. She should be left just like this.” he goes on and on, in front of me, his wife! 😑😑

I keep my patience, but my gaze shifts quietly to A and switches to an intent sharp stare in no time. He doesn’t get the hint until I say it out loud. “You know quite a lot. Next time why don’t you do my lips and highlight my eyes when we go out or do I need more makeup? I didn’t know about this hidden talent in you!” 😈😠

With a toe-in-mouth expression and a sudden loss of words, A softens up and says with mock flattery, “You’re too beautiful without any makeup, darling! Haven’t I told you that before? Natural beauty beats everything else.” He fumbles and accidentally sips on hot tea from the cup. 😬😬

“I know, I’ve been told that many times. My friends even called me ‘our personal Kajol’ since they thought I looked like her. Even Dadiji said that to me when she saw Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Anyway, you look at the screen, ok?” is my final punch! 😜😋👸

If only husbands knew better than to get on the wrong foot with their wives they wouldn’t jeopardize their married lives so foolishly! 😂😂

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36 thoughts on “Think before you speak! 

  1. ???????? Beautifully described sunday morning???? khakhra reminded me of Rajkot, dint have any since coming here..Kajol in this song and dilwaale are in entirely different time zones hence the difference may be ????
    Great to know you resemble Kajol ????She literally transformed after baqzigar ????

    And Rangoli still comes on dd ????

    1. Everybody in our family loves khakhras. The ones we get here won’t match your Rajkot ones taste I think.
      Different time zones, yes, but also Kajol looked awkward in Dilwale. Heels, skirts, etc is something we’ve never seen her in. She has a bubbly image and looked best here. Simply putting more makeup on her won’t make her look younger.
      Many people have said that. Although I feel it is simply because I have a round face and wheatish complexion too. The comparison doesn’t hurt though. ????????
      Rangoli, yes. The time doesn’t match mostly. The one Sunday, so doesn’t wake up not lets me get up. ????
      Loved your comment. Thanks Parijat. ☺☺

      1. You will have to visit Rajkot just once to get to know this food/snacks crazy colourful city???? People wait in queue outside restaurants on sunday to have food…Best city i have lived in so far..????

        Yes Kajol looks more appealing in traditional costumes..And about her nature she is actually so bubbly and bursting with energy in real life as well from what i could gauge watching hrr intervirews????
        The comparison with kajol could be flaterring for any person ????????

        1. I’ve seen a lot of India, but somehow haven’t had a chance to see Gujarat yet. I really want to. Hope I get the chance soon. ????
          Yes, she is very well read and can speak on a variety of topics with ease. Is painfully straightforward and doesn’t mince words. Definitely a quality I don’t share. ????
          Well, it is. After having two kids and years of marriage behind her she still manages to look her best. She’s my inspiration to try it too. ????????

          1. Do visit gujarat during next vacation..There is lot to see there and truly enjoy both from fun and spiritual point if view not to mention free flowing spirit and food ????????
            Straightforward she is and speaks sensibly and most of all her habit to naturally laugh on tid bids is just so attractive ????????

            Keep following her, you wont regret ????????.

  2. I’m sure I will gain a lot of weight when I go there. The food there is legendary. We’ve yet to visit Dwarka and Somnath temple so there’s reason too. ????????
    That’s true. I would like to believe I’m naturally charming too. Anyway, it isn’t humble to talk so much about yourself. So, zipping my mouth now. ????????????

    1. Ah! Well, I’m Indian, so for me its like a seen thing. Although there’s quite a lot of cultural variety across the country. The unseen seems more tempting I guess.

  3. That’s a lovely song. Well, V if you and I too were to put that kind of make up and follow a tight regimen of taking care of our physical appearance as much time as we spent cooking up a yummy hot meal, we would definitely be better than those hot shots dancing around world heritages. But Men know that, yet they have to say what they simply have to say.
    You are great just being yourself and so much more happy in your own skin.

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