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Age is just a number

We were kids when Hum Paanch was aired in which the cute Kiran instantly went “Aunty mat kaho na” every time someone called her so. The girls enjoyed the little fun prank with her, and so did everyone who saw it. So much so that we eagerly waited for her to show up and do that dismissing hand gesture and the irritated facial expression in every episode.

However, that isn’t the case with most middle-aged or aged women I’ve come across in real life. While they do look fondly upon their days of youth, they welcome the progressive stages in life with elegance and poise. This probably has something to do with the fact that nature has imparted matured women with the ‘old wine’ charm that is famously known to everyone! 🙂

I made peace with being called Aunty quite early in life; even by teenagers. Ignore and let go if you don’t want them to be persistently at it. My neighbour’s cute teenage daughter is quite an exception though. She has picked fights with her friends for me whenever they casually referred to me using the word. “Does she look like Aunty to you?” is her argument every time. 😀

References or numbers cannot decide our age or what we stand for. Youngsters aren’t necessarily reckless and carefree; they can be worldly wise too. Parents don’t always preach and discipline, they can be goofy and quirky too. It just depends on how much in touch you are with your younger self.

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  1. Could not agree with you more , age is just a number, we are as old as the life in us !

    1. Yes. The more we are on touch with life itself, this number becomes redundant.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I have wondered to myself occasionally, what if I were 18 or 19 or 20 again, knowing what I know now, what goals would I set for myself? The answers are very different than they were then, and they are different than what I would say now — because somewhere along the line I decided, “You’re too old for that goal or to do such-and-such.” I think this might be true for a lot of people. Thanks for your post.

    1. Sure it might be. The moment we start putting barriees on ourselves due to age-related factors we’re robbing ourselves of the opportunities that come along with them too. I’ve seen grandmas getting degrees with their grandsons. We only need to decide what we want and stick to it.
      Thanks for your comment. ☺

  3. Wonderful post ????. I was planning to write a post on uncle/aunty matter only yesterday and here i see a post ????
    First time it upset me so much that i inturn addressed the person back as uncle/aunty but over the time it does not matter any more and sometimes i address people even older than me as beta!!

    But yes one must always have zeal for life irrespective of age..i enjoy interacting with colleagues in early twenties and not once feel out of place.☺☺.

    1. Interacting with younger people lets us do away with the ‘seriousness’ of our age and can actually be quite refreshing.
      A is balding and greying too, like I said before. It is hilarious when our neighbour kids call me didi and him uncle. ???????????????? He spends lot more time on grooming himself than I do. ????

      1. I can totally relate to him; just that my grooming restricts to regular hair cuts ????????

        1. You won’t believe how hair-obsessed he is, now that there are precious few. ???? I have the duty of oil massaging his hair every other day and condition them too. I don’t remember when I did that last for my own hair. ????

          1. You arr doing great. All wives should emulate you ????????

          2. Ha ha. I don’t have much choice. I have to step out with him you see. ????????

          3. ????????

          4. ???????? Hope he doesn’t read this. ????

          5. he will rather be glad to see how devoted his wife is reasons notwithstanding ????????

          6. Hope he does. ????????????

          7. imagine what could happen if my missus reads this ????????

          8. She will take send me a secret message somehow and tell me not to give ideas to her husband. ????????

          9. ????????

          10. ????????????

          11. will be happy if it restricts to that only ????????

          12. You never know. Women are known to talk a lot. ????

          13. Accompanied by some actions sometimes ????????

          14. Those actions are called adayen. ????????
            What is a woman without some signature looks, moves or style. ????

          15. ????????????????

          16. ????????????

  4. Haha…..such a lovely post. I could relate to it so well. I remember when I got married, a girl in college maybe a couple of years younger than me addressed me ‘aunty’. It took me a few days to come out of that shock. The next time onwards my reaction was more of acceptance ????

    1. Same here! One of A’s nephews is not more than 5 years younger to me and he very diligently started calling me Mamiji when we got married. My friends were more shocked than I was! ????
      I think we must take it in our stride. Acceptance, like you said, is easier. Thanks Radhika. ☺

      1. Yes, realised no point fretting over it ????

        1. True. ????????

  5. It’s our attitude that defines our ‘mental age ‘ !!

    1. How true. Attitude indeed matters a lot! ☺

      1. 🙂

  6. hmm varsh.. I dont think that i am getting aged.. or in other words, i dont feel so..may be reverse aging..he he

    1. Oh same here. I exercise, write, read and dress now like I never did before. I guess it is all about being comfortable with yourself in whatever stage of life you are.

      1. true.. just be comfortable..

        1. Right! ☺

  7. Hey
    I found it intriguing going through.
    You are invited to my blog too.

    1. Thanks Sukriti. Going over to yours now. ☺

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