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Anything to win

She was sitting on the other side of the room.

Her eyes fixed on the board; attentive, intent.

“This was a foolish bet!” He cursed himself.

Suddenly he got up and threw the toy in her direction.

“Lizard!” He shouted.

She screamed feverishly and fell on the floor, trembling.

Banished, he walked out calmly, smiling.

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  1. Cheating!!! Don’t like it ????

    1. ????????

  2. He he he he… as the title says anythinh to win…

    1. Haha…ya. A bet is a bet afterall. ????

  3. It surely must have happened with you in school ????????

    1. No ways. ????????

  4. This is hilarious.. is it a true story? 😛

    1. No, this was fiction. Have heard of similar incidents though. ????

      1. Ohhh…Yeah..My school days were full of such creepy incidents,..

        1. Mine wasn’t, thankfully. Or I would’ve left school midway. ????

          1. HAhhHAaHaha…. Then You would have missed the other funny incidents as well.:)

          2. ???????????? Oh I had a terrible childhood. In the sense that I was a very awkward child with absolutely no self-confidence. Didn’t understand humour then. ????

          3. Great…That’s why you writer.so well..:P :)..I too took time to understand things…Tueblights were so casually related to me. 😛

          4. ???????????????? I was referred as the same!!! Tubelight with a damaged starter in fact. ????????????

          5. HhAhaah…I am literally laughing. :p

          6. Hahaha….good to know!! This is fun, really. Let’s make a damaged goods alliance, shall we? ????????

          7. hehehhe.. Sure.:) 🙂

          8. ????????????

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