This kind of misery,

They never before knew,

When all taps go dry,

And all life’s askew.

The parched barren land,

Has dried its tears too,

Bones and carcasses appear,

Where once rivers flew.

Flapping their tired wings,

They endlessly search for water,

The ones tied down,

Weep silently without clatter.

The sky turned grey,

Casting a shadow on earth,

The giver of life,

Engrossed in the mirth.

What followed led to,

More sadness than harm,

Winds blew the clouds away,

It was a false alarm.

Daily Post prompt: False

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7 thoughts on “False hope

    1. Thanks Samra. I’m from the part of Maharashtra that has seen such terrible situation. It came from my heart. Glad you felt it.

  1. Oh no… I remeber those days.. waiting for rain to drop. . Farmers on tenterhooks. .

    And when the clouds had their fun playing hide and seek.. All you could hear was the constant running of motors in the tube wells..

    1. Yes yes…those days still haven’t gone Bikramjit. Only some areas have been blessed with rainfall as yet. Hope it all changes soon. Clouds ki luka chupi some other year may be…

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