I knew they were out to get me. I could feel them closing in on me, waiting for the right time to strike. If I stretched out my hand, it was surely going to brush against one of those devastatingly cold people we all commonly call monsters.

This was me in my childhood days, mortally petrified of darkness! It didn’t help having a prankster of a brother who went to great lengths to scare the bejeezus out of me. Despite the fact that he is three and a half years younger to me he was the daring one amongst both of us, to say the least. I was a winner, at best, if I made it to the loo by myself at night.

A long time has gone since then and those imaginary monsters don’t bother me anymore. Although I, and the whole world for that matter, have currently been introduced to a whole league of new real monsters that are derailed from their paths, backed by people with vested interests and thrive on our fear and inability to retaliate.

After the darkest hour dawn breaks and fills the world with a ray of light and hope. A tiny flash of light in a dark room is enough for expectations to exist. Hanging on to the last thread of optimism and laying the dark apparition of death away is what keeps a dying person alive.

Similarly, darkness of the heart can fade away even with the slightest tinge of humanity and compassion. If only people valued their life and that of others enough, we would be living in a lot safer and happier world. If there is a point to prove, I don’t think massacring innocent people around the world is the right way to do it.

I wish these misled people find the right path and show some tolerance and restraint. Hope the light enters their heart and fills it with love and kindness.

Daily Post prompt: Darkness

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