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Is networking all that there is?


Let me state beforehand, I’m not talking about social networking that we work hard on for increased visibility and promotion of our blogs, products or services. While it isn’t one of my forte, I presume it is an inevitable chore that does have a bearing on the goals we set for ourselves or our blogs. If monetizing them is what we want, well then, social media…here we come!

This is something else. While risking sounding like a dinosaur, I belong to the time when meeting up with friends meant raiding some non-expensive place and having a cutting chai or samosas while mentally calculating my share. Chatting with them implied being part of a group, giving a hi-five when we agreed on something and (in my case) frequently placing punches when we disagreed.

Not many people had mobile phones (I got my first phone when I was in the first year of M.B.A!) and internet had just begun to make its presence felt. So, fortunately, friends and conversations were real. We carried a camera with us to capture our moments but there wasn’t that pressing need to photograph just about everything!

I had few close friends who I largely depended on. All of us have skeletons in our closets, right? The demons that I battled on a daily basis were very well known to them and they were just an arm length away if I ever needed them.

Sounds rosy, yes? I don’t think so. Networking, as I found out later, existed back then too. I was just too naive to recognise it. 🙁

Fast-forward to today. I find it equally amusing and saddening that professional and personal achievements, the freedom to let your mind and heart wander or the ability to cut-down ties can drive the same people to treat the same relations as an arrangement, an exchange. Where flaunting yourself works, well enough. Where it doesn’t, never mind.

While going through a personal crisis some time back, all this became crystal clear to me. I chose not to leave things to chance and seeked comfort from these people who had once made tall promises. Long story short, my friends list has gone through a never-seen-before refurbishment.

I have seen solid friendships that survived the test of time and don’t think that making a living can be a bailable excuse, especially when I can easily witness other interactions that are seemingly unaffected. Selective cold play is a cruel thing to do. Even more so, when it is completely uncalled for.

Does this mean that relations, even friendships, can be treated as mere bus-stops? Stand, wait, while away your time and when your bus arrives, bid goodbye and never look back? Do emotions have no meaning?

4 thoughts on “Is networking all that there is?

  1. Oh yes.. so very true..

    Networking existed then and it exists now too. . Very hard to find out who is true to what they say.. or who will stand by you in time of need.

    They will expect you to be there for them always but if and when tables are turned ..It is not so.

    World is changing fast…people are changing fast…

  2. Nice expressive post. I think a couple of things help deal with such matters: One to be able to study a people’s psychology with whatever little intrtaction we get to have with them and secondly having least expectation (which is really difficult) from friends or even relatives :).
    As far as new age media is concerned i think it has helped in a very positive way to get to know complete strangers and convert them into friends which wasnt possible earlier.:) …

    1. Valid points Parijat. Live and learn. I didn’t pay much heed to them back then but now I do.

      I completely agree with you on making friends through social media. Although I like to tread carefully and keep a guarded distance it is indeed possible to make good friends. 🙂

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