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We have to move for the fourth time in last ten years, and boy, am I bugged! The funny part is that I haven’t even finished unpacking since we moved last, which was just over a year ago. It is unfair that people (here, flat-owners) in Mumbai give absolutely no consideration to the fact that renting out to a family with two young kids comes with certain responsibilities. :-/

Everyone had the same story, selling off the apartment to buy another one. I’d like to believe we were their lucky charm*smiling sarcastically*. Now, I can’t be mean to them since they did offer us to buy it first. Never mind the foolishly exaggerated price! A cramped 1BHK in a dingy area here costs more than a luxurious 3BHK in an upscale locality in my native! Get real, guys.

The property business has seen a slump for the longest time. It is a simple case of demand and supply. It has become difficult to make out where Mumbai ends and Pune begins on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Everywhere you see concrete jungles are fast replacing forest areas with the remaining specks of mountains defaced forever. Did someone mention ecological balance? Anyway…

I’m a practical person, honestly. I don’t overlook the fact that this is a transient phase and none of these places were meant to be our cosy love nest. What does annoy me though is the non-optional effort that goes into making a place our home, trying to adjust within the available space and yet not having the liberty to choose stuff that will decidedly get ruined in transition.

There’s some respite this time round. Had it not been for A Jr’s school concerns we might’ve gone to some place closer to our home. Yes, our home! After hunting for more than four months for a place that was within our reach, was spacious enough and didn’t have doors or windows opening in someone’s living room, we finally found it. The place we’ll call our home, forever! 🙂

It overlooks a garden and a pond, high up enough to make me sit in the balcony for my afternoon cuppa tea to feel the cool breeze over my face. There’s clean and clear air everywhere. In my mind I already have my home ready, reflecting me (alright, us) and welcoming everyone with open arms.

There’s still time for us to get settled there though. I want it to have all amenities in place before we shift for good. Till then there’s a lot of stuff to be given out, donated or dumped, with a heavy heart I may add. However, I’m not lulling over it much. My love, my kids and our memories more than make up for anything, don’t they? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Shift…Move…Home!

  1. Yep, moving again and again is definitely nerve racking. There’s only one good thing about it thought.. it leaves you lighter because each time you move, you keep discarding stuff that you dont want anymore. 🙂 All the best for moving into your home soon.

    1. I have so much stuff, it really is unnerving and also slightly puzzling. How do I end up getting all of it!?

      Thank you…for your wishes and your comment. Welcome here 🙂

  2. I dont think I can move now .. just the idea sends a shiver .. have done enough moving around so i am staying Put where I am now ..

    All the best with the move .. slow and steady wins the race as they say .. so take it easy …

    1. I’m sure my husband will identify with you. He’s been moving for the last 15 years! Hopefully we can go to our place once and for all.

      Thanks Bikramjit. 🙂

    1. How true! Unless we aim at being nomada all our lives a home is where our heart lies. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Welcome here. 🙂

  3. I think, it is a part of life.
    I like to read your story. It was very interesting and very familiar.
    Thanks for sharing with us such a good story.
    Keep writing.

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