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What people have to say

Two people who know you well (here, meaning who spent considerable time with you during different phases of your life, completely unattached) cross paths, the conversation flows smoothly, and somehow they stumble upon the fact that they both know you.

One has probably seen you as an awkward adolescent while the other one has been in awe of your confidence and poise in your graduation days. Both are unaware of the person the other one has interacted with. Hopefully you haven’t left either of them with a bad impression of yourself.

What do you think they will talk about you? How will they place you to be certain it’s you? What do you think they’ll remember most about you?

Your physical attributes(overweight and dark, in my case), your nature (jovial but guarded), your attitude (hardly there!), your sense of humour (not bad at all)?

Time changes the best of us. We grow. We mature. We learn to let go of certain things. Yet, the hope that someone has something positive to remember us by never leaves us, does it?

2 thoughts on “What people have to say

  1. No it does not.. but then If the two are good friends or good people and have spent so long with you then I beleive they will know both good and bad in you..
    And they will always ignore the bad and look at all the good ..and actually help one get over the bad..

    At least that’s what I beleive in..

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