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Life….and what it means

If I do some research I’m sure I’ll be able to find out where the concept of a ‘Bucket list’ originated from. I’m not too inclined to do so. What I do find amusing/confusing is the fact that although it has become quite a rage of late, I can’t relate to it or feel the need to make a list of my own.

Whether I’m right or not or whether I have company or not isn’t much relevant. What is right and workable for someone isn’t right or workable for someone else. Following the herd or trends has hardly been my style.

It is not that I’m not a dreamer. It only means that I also take practical matters and the unavoidable compromises one needs to make into account. A high-flying career with a fat paycheck, exotic holidays, the coolest gadgets, bags, shoes, etc. are all very tempting, but I could never bring myself to trade my motherly instincts for them!

Life has to be lived not planned, is what I feel. Deciding on what we want to do tomorrow robs us of the joy of today. Joy, that we feel from within, not something that we do to make our followers on Twitter and Facebook burn their hearts for. Is that what our world has come to? Following is one thing, but can we make someone else’s dreams our own?

The subtle pleasures in life are only felt, not shared. We need to take a moment to appreciate what we have and not just try to gather and hoard for the time to come.

These are few unexpected things that I’m glad happened with me. They certainly weren’t part of any plan!

# Mumbai was never on my to-go list. The more I avoided coming here, the wider it opened its arms for me. Now, this is where I feel most at home and I’m much in love with this city!

# Though my heart ached for a daughter I wasn’t sure I could handle motherhood all over again. Angel, with her luminous presence, proved me wrong.

# I’d assumed that all my studying was done with before I tied the knot. As luck would have it, I’m still very much onto it. It is challenging, but exciting as well.

# I was never a morning workout person and never went to a gym. That is now a thing of the past as not only I regularly sweat it out, but also take fitness very seriously.

And last, but not the least,

# A blog that started only as an extension of a hobby to write and make better use of time has now reached an impressive milestone. This is my 200th post! Yay! I can’t believe I came this far!

A big thanks to all of you for being a part of this wonderful journey. Stay blessed and please wish the same for me. ☺

So, kick the bucket list now and till the time you have to kick the bucket, just be happy.

4 thoughts on “Life….and what it means

  1. I loved the line life is to live. ..exactly live it we spend so much time in planning..

    I do have a bucket list but I don’t spend contemplating which item in the list I should plan for.. never done that.. as and when they happen I tick them off.. The reason I have my list is so that I can fulfill them all in whatever time 5 -10 or how so many years I have left..
    Don’t want to forget anything ..

    1. I’m not against the concept…it is just that I don’t agree with the pressure it puts on someone….to meet it…to tick off something. There are a lot of things I want to do and have done, but they aren’t part of any list. I wanted to do them.

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