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The Magic of Life

I had once read a line somewhere in Marathi. Translating it here in English roughly, it meant, “Dissatisfaction is the mother of all art”. I had loved the line, but it is only now that I can understand the true meaning of it.

I’m very happy today. No, very very happy. Why? Let’s just say that today something amazing has happened that was long overdue. Something that was merely an imagination but that has now become one of the biggest and most inseparable truth of my life. Something that has soaked me into it so much that I feel I’m lost in it, and I love it.

Only someone who has been or is in the same place as me can know what I mean. When something becomes a purpose of your life, even a small step in it’s direction makes you feel like you are close to achieving it. Waiting for it even for years on end seems worth it, because it is meant only for you.

It all sounds nice, but I feel something strange happening with me. I want to express so much, yet I’m at a loss of words. I’m struggling to make sense and sound faintly articulate. Only great, awesome, blissful etc type of mundane words are crowding my mind. I’m not making much sense and not conveying anything the way I want to.

I don’t know if this happens with everyone and don’t want to, as of now. I want to live with this feeling forever. Not everyone is blessed with the good fortune to feel this magic. Some things are supposed to be only for you, right?

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